Sunday 21 August 2011

Random Recipe 7 - Part 2 - Lou's Seared Beef Tataki With Wasabi Mashed Potato.

This was the random recipe I got this month for Dom's challenge.  See here for Steve's challenge.
This was DELICIOUS!!!!  The recipe is from Yo Sushi: The Japanese Cookbook by Kimiko Barber.  We got the book from Steve's older sister and her husband at Christmas and this is only the second recipe I have made from it so far.  

And this recipe came at a fantastic time too as my good friend who is currently living in Singapore brought me home a couple of bottles of amazing soy sauce.  I will tell you more in my next post - who would have though soy sauce was so fascinating?

Recipe - 

Ingredients - 
450g (1lb) beef fillet - a long thin piece works better than a thick piece
salt and ground black pepper
100ml (3.5 fl oz) rice vinegar
2 punnets cress, to garnish
spring onion, to garnish (optional)

for the sauce
100ml (3.5 fl oz) soy sauce
20g (0.75 oz) fresh root ginger, peeled and grated (not in my version thank you very much)
2 tbsp lemon juice
1 garlic clove, crushed
1 tsp sesame oil
1 tbsp toasted sesame seeds
2 spring onions, finely chopped

for the wasabi mashed potato
600g (1.25 lb) all-purpose potatoes, such as Desiree or King Edward, peeled
50g (2oz) butter
4 tbsp mirin
1 tbsp wasabi powder, mixed to a paste with water
4 spring onions, finely chopped

Method - 
1. For the wasabi mashed potato, chop the potatoes into small chunks and cook with just enough water to cover for 10 mins or until soft.  Drain and add the butter while the potatoes are still hot.  Mash them while pouring in the mirin and wasabi paste.  Continue to mash until smooth then stir int he spring onions, seasoning with salt, if needed.  Cover the pan to keep the potatoes warm while you cook the meat.

2. Heat a heavy, cast iron griddle pan over a high heat.  Sprinkle the beef all over with a generous amount of salt and pepper and rub it in.  Sear the beef on the griddle for i minute each side, until both sides are browned.  Transfer the beef to a chopping board, cut into thin slices, then place in a non-metalic dish and pour over the rice vinegar.  Put each slice on a chopping board and slap witht he palm of your hand - this tenderises the meat.

3. Make the sauce by mixing all the ingredients in a bowl.
4. Arrange the meat on 4 plates, drizzle over the sauce, garnish with cress and spring onion, then serve with wasabi mashed potatoes on the side.



  1. That meat looks insanely good.

  2. Oh yes please - that looks wonderful beef. And I love the idea of the wasabi mash to go with it.

  3. that looks absolutely stunning... stunning... I want that beef NOW!!! and wasabi mash potato... now that's genius... lucky random recipe!... and thanks again to the two of you for taking part x

  4. This looks amazing - my mouth is watering, I'm starving (despite a large lunch!!)

    I just love horseradish mash so I imagine that the wasabi mash is delicious .... yummmmmmmm

  5. That beef looks amazing. And the wasabi mashed potato? Yum!

  6. Greg - it was indeed a great bit of beef. Loved this dish.

    Phil - yes, the wasabi mash is genius. I didn't make it strong enough this time - will have to ramp it up next time.

    Dom - It was a great recipe to get - that's what is so brilliant about this challenge.

    BVG - Yes - very similar to horseradish mash.

    Michael - It WAS yum. I will definitely be making this over and over.