Friday, 27 April 2012

Random Pistachio Cake.

This month's Random Recipe is Number 15 and celebrates Belleau Kitchen's 2nd Birthday.

Well, Dom, I have enjoyed a slice of this with a mug of tea and have raised my mug to you.  So many of my newly favourite recipes have been found by taking part in Random Recipes and this is yet another.  

I do so love a fairly simple cake and especially if it is not chocolate (I'm bored of chocolate cakes).  A good cake recipe is one like this which is simple but has an extra little something.  Here, you get the yielding bite and the distinctive taste of the pistachios which just jazzes up the beautiful, freshly baked vanilla loaf cake. 

I stacked up all my books dedicated exclusively to baking and used to choose the book and then the page number.  The book was Cake Days from The Hummingbird Bakery.  I have previously blogged about the honey and pear layer cake and the grasshopper pie from this book and I think Steve has also made their whoopie pies.  Other than that, though, I have seriously underused this book which has many tempting recipes in it like lemon and thyme loaf; rose cupcakes; pea, ham and feta cheese muffins; walnut and honey loaf; butterscotch marshmallow bars - so watch this space for more!