Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Cute Food For Kids.

You may already know about this blog but I only found it recently - Cute Food For Kids.
Tiffany makes lots of fun food for her children.  Now, usually I would say I am not the kind of patient Mummy who would bother to make fun lunches for the boys - I just expect them to eat what they are given.  But, as they get a bit older and better behaved, days at home aren't quite as chaotic and stressful as they were and I found myself having the time and patience to try out a couple of Tiffany's ideas this week.

And, would you believe, I really enjoyed it.  Just a little bit of silliness to cheer up the day.

And, of course, I don't think the children should get all the fun - I made myself exactly the same as they had!

The bears are egg fried rice.  I fried some onion, then added a couple of beaten eggs.  I then threw in pre-cooked brown long grain rice while the egg was still quite runny.  I used a cooking ring to make the shapes on the plate.  Two chunks of apple for ears, olives for eyes and nose and tomato ketchup to make the mouth.  Served with some peas.  Boys loved it.

The houses are just peanut butter sandwiches and I faffed around with some cutters and peppers and fruit to make the shapes and things.  I first thought they were a bit much and I should have left the houses plain and simple but the boys were very enthusiastic about the pepper dragonfly and butterfly and the melon duck!

I'll be following the Cute Food For Kids blog for more inspiration.  Just as an every now and then treat.  Most days they'll still get a boring plate of soup or whatever is left over form the night before.


  1. They are great, my little one likes the one on the pink plate - nothing to do with her being a pink obsessive...

  2. What a thoughtful mom. I bet your boys will remember that lunch for a long time to come. I even like the colored plates.

  3. Kath - does that mean that you could serve her anything on a pink plate and she would be enthusiastic and eat it? :-)

    FBMKW - the plates and matching cups and cutlery are really cheap in Tesco here in UK - they have been great for the kids!

  4. soooo cute... how do you have the time?... mind you me and my brother were such fussy eaters and so mum would be standing in the kitchen portioning out everything equally... dreadful!

  5. oh I wish! No, it doesn't have the same effect when it is actually something on the dinner table that I am asking her to eat :)

  6. Dom - your poor Mother! Neither of them took long at all. I think I always thought it was too time consuming so never bothered before but trying it showed me that it is only an extra couple of minutes and if all you are making is a peanut butter sandwich - it's very do-able.

    Kath - aw that's a pity. :-(

  7. Thank you so much for the link, and I'm so glad that you like the ideas from my blog.
    I love the heart shape windows on your sandwich houses, and of course the green pepper tree and bushes!

  8. Tiffany - thanks for commenting. I have definitely been inspired - I made their French toast for yesterday's breakfast into cute shapes as well!