Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Turkish Delight.

Well, while I was at dog training last night, Steve and the boys made Turkish Delight for me for Valentine's.  Lovely.  

Steve got the recipe and idea from The Guardian.  He had meant to make me rose ones but couldn't find rosewater anywhere.  He tells me that apart from weighing out the ingredients, the boys did it all!

I love Turkish Delight and it was such a great surprise to come home to.


  1. Oh what a lovely treat, lucky you.

  2. What a romanitc husband you have - what a lovely gift!

  3. What a thoughtful husband. I'm going now to Google to see exactly what Turkish delight is.

  4. I'm the only person I know who like Turkish Delight so I'd have to eat the entire batch! Best not make it anytime soon.

    Such a lovely Valentines gift, so thoughtful. x