Tuesday, 12 June 2012

RR 17 - The Middle One.

So after the last Random Recipes challenge where we made the first or last recipe from a randomly selected book, of course we had to have a challenge from Dom to made the middle recipe from a randomly selected book.  Only I didn't see it coming - I really am quite dense sometimes. 

My randomly chosen book this month was Meat by Hugh Fearlessly-Eats-It-All which has 523 pages up to the directory so the middle page is 261.  This is a page of text about slow-cooking. I chose to move forwards to the first recipe in the slow cooking chapter and it was Aromatic Pork Belly Hot Pot.  Mmmm, perfect, I am a huge pork belly fan.

And, luckily, the recipe is here at the BBC.
Lovely recipe - worked perfectly.  Ideal comfort food.  My only gripe with it is that it doesn't have enough vegetables for me to be using this as a regular family meal so next time I'll simply add some bean sprouts or Pak choi or oyster mushrooms to veg it up a bit.  Lovely cheap meal too with the belly pork.

Along similar lines but with pork fillet instead (although you could do a mix of the two recipes if you wanted to use pork belly) is Nigella's Vietnamese Pork Noodle Soup from Kitchen.  It uses a lot more vegetables and is particularly tasty which is probably why Little Macaroon recommended it to me. If you don't have Kitchen, you can find the recipe by googling.

Away to try and figure out what next month's random recipe challenge is going to be.  I haven't a hope!