Monday, 28 October 2013

Random Local Ingredient - Smoked Haddock With Lentils.

I think, of all the wonderful produce from near my home in Aberdeenshire, haddock is one of my favourites.  It is a wonderful meaty fish and makes the perfect fish supper.  Smoked haddock is also the main ingredient of my favourite soup - Cullen Skink. I like my Cullen Skink to be nothing more than onions, potatoes, smoked haddock and cream.

It was easy, then, to choose haddock when Dom asked us to choose a local ingredient for this month's Random Recipe.  I then turned to my new Nigel Slater book - Eat and looked for haddock recipes.  Sure enough, here was this recipe just sitting waiting for me.  A very nourishing and filling meal for the family with plenty of goodness from the lentils but also the comforting creaminess of my beloved Cullen Skink.  This recipes showcases the beautiful, chunky, flakes of smoked haddock brilliantly.

Now I have done the basic recipe from the book, I will be playing about with this and making up my own variations.  Easy, healthy mid-week meal.

I will hopefully be back soon to talk about some more of the meals I have made from Eat recently. 


  1. oh my word this is one of my favourite all time meals and what a coincidence that I too made something very similar today with smoked haddock... a lovely random recipe entry and much appreciated, thank you x

  2. Smoked haddock is such a fine product and this does sound lovely. I must admit,though, that you've made me want some simple cullen skink now. Maybe for lunch tomorrow.

  3. Don't think I have heard of Cullen Skink, but the haddock and lentils sound good.

  4. Oooh, Cullen Skink is wonderful. Cullen is a village on the North Sea about an hour's drive from me. If you ever see it, I recommend trying it.

  5. Mmmm - that looks great! I hated smoked haddock with a passion as a kid -my Mum used to give us it quite often - but I've come around to it as I've got older. It still needs to be 'in' something (like this lovely looking dish!) though. Can't quite cope with it unadorned...

  6. Looks positively delicious and perfect for the chilly weather that's starting to creep in. Cod is not really something we eat much of in Australia, being a cold water fish but there are plenty of smoked fish options for me to drawn on. Yum!

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  8. I just stumbled across your blog. My husband was born in Aberdeen; ive been searching for a good recipe for his favorite food- butteries. Do you have a good recipe you could share?