Friday, 25 January 2013

Auld Scotland Wants Nae Skinking Ware.

Canty Burn's Nicht a'body.

No, Ahm no gonnae show ye somethin' fancy tae dae wi' yer haggis. Ah prefer it plain wi' neeps and tatties. Fit fine!

But fit ah am here tae spik aboot is this month's Random Recipes.
Dom has speart us tae get uir recipe fae somebody else's cookbook collection.

The bonny quine fae Little Macaroon emailed me a recipe for Spezzatino Di Cinghiale fae Twelve by Tessa Kiros.

Ah used pork shooder insteid o wild boar but it made a braw, comfortin bowlie o scran.

Reminds me o the rhyme mah Grandma wid say when dishing up the tea - 

Soup in a bowlie
Tatties on a plate
 And a wee bittie beef
If ye dinna come late.