Sunday, 30 December 2012

Late, Late, Late for a Very Important Date...

Eeeek - I think I am too late for Random Recipes No. 23.  I have never missed a Random Recipe since it started so I am going to beg Dom to slip this one onto the end. I made the recipe ages ago but work has been hectic and then we have had two Christmas days and then my sister-in-law's wedding so I apologise for being so tardy but couldn't be helped.

This time, we had to choose a random recipe from the books we received as gifts last Christmas.  I admit, I didn't choose entirely randomly.  I received The Flavour Thesaurus from my lovely husband and had never cooked a single thing from it yet although I have enjoyed reading it so I decided that I would pick this book and then randomly select a page from it.

It fell open at a butternut squash entry and the first suggestion to catch my eye was for the combination of butternut squash and bacon. Mmmmmmmm.  I didn't need convincing that they would go well together.

I made the suggested butternut squash and bacon cakes with lime mayonnaise. They didn't hold together all that well so didn't look particularly presentable, however, they tasted great and we all gobbled them up.  Perfect comfort food for this time of year.