Thursday, 4 November 2010

Yorkshire Pudding With Syrup And Cream.

Well, I was reading Comfort Bites and Jo had made home-made Yorkshire puddings.  I immediately started to crave them but then I got chatting and it reminded me of Nigella's idea in How To Eat for eating them as a pudding with cream and syrup.  I had been meaning to try them this way for so long and don't know why I have never got round to doing it.  I realised that I had nothing much planned for tea tonight except some soup and there was no reason why I couldn't finally get on and try this out.  So I did.

Recipe - 

It's just a normal Yorkshire pudding recipe and then just some cream and syrup poured over afterwards so nothing fancy.  I'll tell you Nigella's recipe, though - she says it is a recipe from Jane Grigson.
She says this serves 8 and if you had had a substantial meal, it would easily do that as it is very filling.  We, however, only had soup for our tea so we polished off half of this between the two of us.

Ingredients - 
300mls milk
4 eggs (luckily I had proper fresh eggs in the house given to me by a friend with hens)
250g plain sifted flour

Method - 
Mix all the ingredients except the flour beating well together (electric mixer, rotary or balloon whisk - whatever).  Let stand for 15 minutes then whisk in the flour.  Meanwhile put the dish (she uses an enamel dish about 30cm by 19cm and 7cm deep, I use my large Le Creuset casserole) with 1 tbsp or so of oil in a very high oven.  Pour the batter into the intensely hot pan, cook for 20 minutes.  Serve with a jug of golden syrup and a jug of double cream.

Well, it was lovely.  Gooey, sweet, warm and extremely indulgent.  And so easy and quick to make!  I think it might be a bit dangerous now that I know I can whip that up anytime and I will certainly usually have all the ingredients in the house.  I think if I put on 20 stone this winter, I'll blame Comfort Bites for putting the idea in my head!


  1. Oh. My. God. I can't believe that I've never spotted this recipe before, even though How To Eat is my favourite book of all time. With those eggs and milk it is almost a health food, isn't it? Love it that you polished it off between two - it's good to know we aren't the only greedy ones!

  2. Yayyy!! Fantastic - guess what we're having for pudding tonight?!! lol! The children love Yorkshires, after they have this let's hope they don't ask for cream and golden syrup with their roast! Thanks for posting :)

  3. KitchenMaid - greedy? us? surely not! Hee hee. How To Eat is a great book isn't it? And amazingly only one fairly normal picture of Nigella in it - before she started cooking things in her kitchen randomly dressed in her black silk robe, etc.. It's part of one of her meal menus.

    Joey - hope you like it! Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. Lol - just realised my comment was pretty much identical to KitchenMaid's teehee. What a great idea - will need to store this one in the old memory bank!

  5. Just wanted to let you know that I made this for everyone tonight. When I told Georgina (my 5 yr old) that we were having Yorkshire puddings for pudding, instead of reacting strangely, she just shouted enthusiastically "Yeah, with TOFFEE!!!!" - lol - a girl after my own heart!! It was lush :)

  6. OH, I'm glad you all enjoyed it. Now, a toffee sauce is a great idea - I might need to try that next time.