Monday, 1 November 2010

Halloween Treats.

We had a party for a few kids on Saturday for Halloween so I made some cupcakes and my first ever cake pops!  See Bakerella's blog for how to make cake pops in hundreds of clever designs.  She seems to have been a sensation in the US but I only heard of her here in the UK recently.  I pre-ordered her book from Amazon and I think I was probably one of the first people over here to get a copy.  What a great little book full of brilliant ideas.  These cake pops are great for all sorts of parties, party bags, favours and gifts.

They are fairly easy to make but quite time consuming and a bit of a faff.  I made the pumpkin ones, obviously, and although they are nowhere near the perfect images in Bakerella's book, I was still very pleased with the outcome.
Here are some photos of how to make them but I won't put a step by step method as you can get all that information from Bakerella's site.

I also made three batches of cupcakes - ones with orange icing and black bats, ones with black icing and white cobwebs and ones like mummies.  I got the idea for the mummies from yoymax12 on youtube.

I have a new-found love of Halloween.  Having children really brings the fun back for a lot of things.  Already thinking of what I'm going to make for next Halloween.  These cat cookies from Lick The Bowl Good have definitely made the list!  Can't wait!


  1. What a wonderful spread - each item is better than the last!

    Love the cake pops, and the Mummy cupcakes, and the ghost cake but most of all those beautiful cats :-))

  2. Thank you BG! Those cats are my best ever creation. ;-)

  3. Excellent. I love the mummy cupcakes.

  4. Oh I love all of these... here I am, Johnny-come-lately..spotting all these marvellous things to do for Halloween, AFTER Halloween.
    I have now saved this page and set an alarm on my BlackBerry for well before next Halloween to remind me to make all of these so I can have a lovely party...

  5. Thanks very much Janice and Wendy.
    Wendy - I have the same problem - so many things I would love to do for next year already.

  6. Ab fab. I adore the look of all of them. You are such a skillful lady.

    I wish I had some little ones around to play with. We didn't even get any small children trick or treating where we live :(

  7. Your pops look brilliant, I have the book but haven't managed to get stuck into it yet. There just never seems enough time to make everything I want to make. x

  8. I have that problem too! I keep reading about amazing things on people's blogs and want to make them like your honey and yoghurt cupcakes today - they'll have to get added to a LONG list of things I want to make and I just can't keep up. Well, better that than there being nothing that we want to try, I suppose.