Friday, 28 January 2011

Fresh From The Oven 3 - Jan 2011 - Khrushchev Dough.

A Russian recipe this month from Silvia and Ivan from Mushitza (a very beautiful and stylish blog!).
They tell us that this was the favourite dough recipe of the Russian leader Nikita Khrushchev.  It is a very versatile dough and Silvia and Ivan gave us free rein to do with it what we liked.  I decided to simply fill my rolls with peanut butter and Nutella as I knew my husband and boys would appreciate this for their breakfasts.  However, I have since seen other members of the group do amazing things with cheese, garlic and herbs, jam and a whole host of other ideas so I am inspired to do something different next time.  Certainly I think making these into little garlic rolls to serve with pasta or soup would be perfect.

Recipe - 

Ingredients - 
40g fresh yeast (or 10g powdered dry yeast and 30ml water)
10g salt
250ml cold milk, directly from fridge
150g unsalted butter, cut into cubes, room temperature (NOT melted)
1 tbsp sugar
500g plain flour (and extra for counter)

Method - 
1. If using fresh yeast: use an ordinary tablespoon to rub the salt through the yeast block until it becomes liquid.  If using dry yeast: mix salt and dry yeast then add the water.
2. Add in the milk, butter, sugar and sift the flour on top.
3. Mix with an electric mixer equipped with dough hook until all the ingredients are combined and a soft dough forms.
4. Cover the bowl with an air tight lid or cling film and place in the fridge overnight.
5. The next morning, dust the counter with flour, place the dough on top, roll it out and shape it as you like. (The dough will be stiff since the butter goes firm in the fridge but work with it straight form the fridge).
6. Preheat the oven to 180C/GM 4.
7. To make the rolls as above, roll out to a 3mm thick rectangle.  Place your filling (I used a tsp of peanut butter and one of Nutella) onto the dough and roll up to tight rolls. 

8. Arrange them in a baking pan leaving some space between them.
9. Brush the tops with a mixture of egg yolk, a few drops of water and a few drops of vegetable oil. (I also sprinkled mine with flaked almonds which gave a lovely crunchy texture and an extra flavour.) 
10. Bake for around 15 minutes or until golden brown.

The dough can also be used to make many other treats - baked or fried.  Like doughnuts, sweet or savoury rolls, pizza or pirozhki (Russian small stuffed rolls - filling ideas - stewed fruit, mushroom, onion and rice, etc).  For more information take a look at the round up that will go up shortly on the Fresh From The Oven site.


  1. I'm with Dom, those are exquisite! I wonder what Khrushchev would have made of peanut butter and Nutella?

  2. I bet these went down well! Lovely picture of the swirly middle.

  3. Interesting combination! I've eaten peanut butter only on a store bought biscuits as a child, and they were one of my favourite. But otherwise I don't know how to cook it, neither how to pair ir. I have to try it :)

  4. Thank you for taking part. I really like that you went with a filling that your family would enjoy. Great work.

  5. Ooh peanut butter and nutella - a girl (or family) after my own heart. They look lovely.

  6. Sounds like the perfect breakfast to me!

  7. Ooh peanut and chocolate! Excellent idea. I must admit though, when i first saw then I thought they had ham and beetroot in or something. They look delicious.

  8. I like that it seems well distributed. It's hard to fill something so perfectly! Perfect combination of course. Pleeeeeeeze save one for me.

  9. Ha ha - sorry - they are long gone - we are a family of gannets!