Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Eating Place Review 9 - Laird's Kitchen at Delgatie Castle, Turriff.

We walk Bob at Delgatie Woods fairly often - it is a wonderful dog walking place.  We have only ever toured the castle once and we have gone into the tearoom a few times.

Today, I decided to take the boys for lunch before taking Bob into the woods.

It is a lovely, little tearoom and usually pretty quiet at this time of year.  I have to say that what really makes it is the lovely, friendly and chatty staff.  Good for children - they have high chairs and a box of toys for the kids to play with, and baby changing facilities.  Possibly not the best place to go for wheelchair users as it is a 16th century castle so there a few steps up and down here and there.

I had Cullen Skink and the boys had a cheese toastie split between them then we all had pancakes with butter and jam.  Including a pot of tea for me, three cartons of fruit juice and a cup of milk, the bill came to £12.

The lunch menu has an array of sandwiches, toasties and baked potatoes as well as chilli and a couple of other options.  I offered the boys home-made sticky toffee pudding but, to my disappointment, they just wanted pancakes and I didn't want to order the pudding just for me!  The pancakes are warm and fresh and they also offer scones and a selection of lovely looking home-baking.

It is definitely worth a visit - either a day out including a tour of the castle or just a quick piece of cake after a great dog walk.


  1. I know this is a food blog and I did start reading for the food but had to say I LOVE your dog! We had irish wolfhounds when I was growing up and my heart melts whenever I see one.

    Puppy love aside, enjoying reading your blog.

  2. EdibleRose - Thank you. How many wolfhounds did you have? Bob is our first. He's 2 now and lovely. :-D

  3. I love how your soppy lovign dog towers so lovingly over your children. This is a Truly lovely photograph.

  4. We had max 2 at a time of our own but my mom bred them for a while so when there were puppies the house was overrun! They are such lovely dogs but I dont see many here so I get extra soppy over them. Bob is a stunner and he looks like he gives a good cuddle!

  5. Rose - thanks - yes he is a snuggly beast!

    Mangocheeks - he is very gentle and yet he does give us a feeling of security like he is there protecting us. :-)