Saturday, 22 January 2011

Baby Shower Breakfast.

Had a baby shower at brunch time today.  We had a lovely spread.  One of my friends made a gorgeous potato and basil frittata from The Barefoot Contessa and she also did a whole array of smoothies and fruit juices.  Another friend brought her waffle maker and we all made our own waffles which we had with maple syrup, strawberries and cream.  She also brought fruit platters and a cinnamon dip which was gorgeous.

Here is my waffle making attempt - 

I had done a continental selection - croissants, cheeses and cold meats.  And a couple of different cupcakes.

The first batch of cupcakes are Maple Buttermilk Pancake Cupcakes.  The recipe is from The Art Of Being Perfect.

And the other batch is just my plain cupcake recipe with some sultanas thrown in.  My cupcake recipe comes from Cupcake Magic by Kate Shirazi.

  This was the book that got me into baking again after Adam was born.  I found it for sale at Glendoick garden centre in Dundee on our way for a few days in Glasgow and I begged Steve to let me have it.  I'll bet he regrets it now as our house is full of cake making stuff and all sorts of sprinkles, icing bags, etc.!

It was a lovely baby shower for our friend, Rachael.  She's from Texas - hence the baby shower.  She threw one for me when expecting Rufie and so we've had one for all our baby bumps since then.  Rachael's on to her third baby - she's a brave soul!


  1. Ah what a lovely way to spend a day, sharing food with friends. Those waffles look lovely and the cupcakes with the little feet on are very sweet.

  2. ooh i love your waffle maker! I always love the thought of waffles but never make them... maybe I should treat myself!

  3. Kath - it is a brilliant way to spend a day, isn't it? I love these things where everyone brings something different then we all share and can swap recipes and ideas. Very pleasant.
    Dom - I loved trying the waffle maker. I particularly liked this one as it made nice thin waffles, rather then the big, thick ones so I started wondering about getting myself one too. It's just that it takes up room in the cupboards and probably won't get used that often. I'm swithering about it. Moving house in a 3 month's time so we'll wait til we have moved and then I can consider it. Also, the shape of those ones meant they could be split into four individual heart shaped waffles - would be perfect for Valentine's!

  4. looks like a wonderful day. The buttermilk pancake cupcakes sound wonderful, will have to keep them in mind.

  5. How cute are those last little cupcakes!

    I used to have a waffle maker, but it died (overuse probably!!) your pictures make me want to replace it.

    Love the baby shower idea.

  6. Buy a waffle maker - they are worth the space, believe me. The boys will love them.

  7. Your cupcakes look great, I hope they went down well. I have just passed on a stylish blogger award to you via my blog. x

  8. Well, Brownieville Girl - if your waffle make died of overuse then it's not one of these things that just sits in a cupboard, and since Kath agrees with that then I'm convinced. I think I will put it on my Christmas list for next year unless I manage to think up an excuse to buy one before then!

    How To Be Perfect - thank you so much - very kind!