Friday, 7 January 2011

Holiday Desserts.

My husband can't eat a dessert unless it is chocolate so for Christmas Day I made Salted Caramel Chocolate Torte which is a James Martin recipe from BBC Good Food.  Steve made everything else for the Christmas dinner so I was rather spoiled this year!

I loved the taste of the salted caramel and everyone enjoyed it but it was rather rich for after a Christmas dinner!  I'm not a huge fan of chocolate desserts and usually prefer something fruity and lighter after a big meal.  I need a husband who matches me better, I think.

On the same theme, we were invited to my Mum and Dad's for a meal on Hogmanay and as Steve wasn't working he made dessert.  Guess what kind he chose?  Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate!
He made Chocolate Ganache Log from the book Tempted (150 very wicked desserts).

Now, he made it very plain and macho (!) - just a giant hunk of chocolate.  My Mum and I had other ideas and added some girly decoration.

Was made with a lot of almond so had a lovely taste but, again, was just too much after a big meal so we could all only eat a wee bit.  Steve and the boys finished it off pretty easily the next day.

Now, I need to balance all this off with a lovely lemon tart.  If only I had someone who would help me eat it...


  1. Can I come round and help you out with the lemon tart and any leftover chocolate desserts? I am very impressed with both these desserts, they look very tempting indeed, big dinner or not.

  2. Wow these both look incredible! Thanks so much for your lovely comments on my blog, I answered it in full on the same post. X

  3. You have the perfect excuse for making 2 desserts, one for you and one for your husband. And so nice to not have to share. I would love to have a whole lemon tart to myself, those always disappear too quickly around my house.

  4. Kim - I know but I have now reached that stage when I have to watch my weight. After the years of smugly eating like horse and staying nicely slim. Damn.
    Kath - I would love to have you round to share a dessert and chat about all things food!
    Perfect - thank you - away to check your answers to all my nosey questions now. :-)

  5. I'm available for any help needed eating desserts!!!!

    Delicious offerings!

  6. sometimes I wish I lived with a giant hunk of chocolate!

  7. I can't decide which one I would want. I guess I would have to have both.

  8. "I need a husband who matches me better, I think"

    Hah! I hope your husband reads these posts Lou! Have to say I agree with him though. Cheesecakes, fruit tarts, delicate sorbets etc. are all very well but the only dessert that really matters is one with lots of chocolate.

  9. oh wow... your torte looks perfect. Just like the original- sinfully delicious! Hope you had a wonderful holiday!

  10. I'd love to try both of these - possibly not after Christmas lunch, but at virtually any other time. Especially like the sound of your salted caramel chocolate one. Actually the lemon tart would go nicely alongside it :)

  11. A very chocolatey Christmas! The torte looks amazing.
    I love lemon tart :o)

  12. *whimpers with delight at the thought of salted caramel*
    Oh.... and I might be available to help eat that lemon tart.... I could set off driving now, if you like?