Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Blueberry Pancakes.

Rufie and I went out for a cup of tea and some lovely blueberry pancakes while Adam was at pre-school the other day.  These were beautiful thick Scotch pancakes which we spread with butter.  You really don't need jam as the blueberries burst in your mouth giving up a ready-made jammy loveliness.

Loved them.  Thanks to the Country Kitchen in Turriff.

Every day, after pre-school, we ask Adam what he had for snack and he asks us what we had and of course, when he heard about the blueberry pancakes he wanted some.  I promised we would make some together.

We made crepes rather than Scotch pancakes and they were lovely but I think they are better as Scotch pancakes as the blueberries are better encompassed in the thicker pancake so they hide and then surprise you!

So here is the recipe for the Scotch pancakes rather than the thinner pancakes you see in the photograph.

Ingredients - 
125g self-raising flour
pinch of salt
30g caster sugar
1 egg
300ml milk

Method - 
1. Sift the flour into a large bowl, add the salt and sugar.
2. Whisk the egg into the milk then add to the dry ingredients and whisk to form a smooth batter.
3. Grease your girdle or flat frying pan and put over moderate heat.
4. Drop about a tablespoon of batter onto the pan for small pancakes and more for bigger ones then scatter over your blueberries.
5. When the surface is covered in bubbles and just set, flip over and cook the other side.


  1. I love pancakes, fat or thin, I'm in!

  2. What a cure little helper waiting by the oven. These look delicious.

  3. Perfect - yes, that trip to the cafe really reminded me how much I love pancakes - and they are so quick and easy to make - don't know why we haven't been making more of them!

    FBMKW - He's a cutie, isn't he? He really wanted to be involved - he made the batter but was then disappointed I wouldn't let him put the batter in the pan. I think I might let him next time - I just need to be brave!

  4. OOh yes to blueberry pancakes. I bet he didn't have such a good snack at pre school, so he definitely needed these and that picture is absolutely gorgeous.

  5. Your little guy is too cute! Blueberry pancakes are one of our favorites, they are great year round. My kids like to sprinkle the blueberries on while the pancakes are cooking and make blueberry faces.

  6. OC - you're right although I am very impressed with the snacks at school. One day they even took a trip to the local veg shop and chose new fruits to try then took them back to class to eat for snack. I love Adam's teachers.

    Kim - what a brilliant idea. We'll be making these again very soon and we'll do the faces this time. I wish I could think of things like that myself!

  7. Licking my lips.

    Wishing it was the weekend already.

  8. Lovely after school treat!

    Cute helper too :-}

  9. Oh that does sound good, my youngest daughter's nursery used to have a healthy eating policy but I am not sure what has happened to it lately as they have been feeding them doughnuts and crisps. Last time I looked they weren't exactly healthy eating.

  10. Jusy lovely, must make them soon. I always have blueberries to hand.

  11. Mangocheeks - Hi. Hope you had a good weekend. We were very lazy - first weekend in such a long time we've been able to stay at home.

    Brownieville Girl - Thanks. :-)

    Kath - Oh dear - doesn't sound like the most successful healthy eating policy ever. Have to say Adam's nursery have been brilliant.

    Jacqueline - They are nice - a lovely variation to normal pancakes.