Saturday, 28 August 2010

BBQ Lamb and flatbreads.

So, sometimes I get frustrated that I make nice food for all the family and the wee boys (Adam, 3, and Rufus, 2) hardly touch any of it.  But they are definitely getting better and sometimes surprise me with what they eat.  They both love to help me with the cooking or baking and we really enjoy spending time together in the kitchen.

This Saturday I decided to try something new from Nigel Slater's Kitchen Diaries - Lamb-filled Flatbread.

My husband, Steve, made the flatbread for me.  He used the recipe from Moro as that's the one he usually uses.  We got the Moro book as an engagement present from my friend, Pam, and we both immediately fell in love with it.  I have made very little from it, to be honest, but I love salivating over the recipes.  Steve has made a few things from it - all lovely!

Back to the lamb - I barbecued it and we ate outside even though it was pretty windy and cold.  I also served it with some marinated mushroom kebabs that I picked up from the butcher when I was getting the lamb.

Actually went down pretty well.  The flatbreads were scoffed by both kids and they both had one or two bites only of the lamb but I was glad they had tried it.  I don't think either of them ate the mushrooms.  Oh well - it wasn't a bad effort overall.  Steve and I loved the meal.

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