Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Bento Box 2.

My second attempt at making cute Bento boxes for lunch (first attempt here).  his time I made some Teriyaki chicken to go with some rice balls and vegetables.  And I added wee bottles of my posh soy sauce.

I was going to make my own Teriyaki sauce but as we were rushing round Tesco with two impatient little boys, I saw bottled Teriyaki sauce and decided just to use it.  I removed the skin from some chicken thighs and deboned then cut them into slices.  I then let the slices sit in the Teriyaki sauce for about an hour while I made the onigiri.  I then simply grilled the chicken and added to the Bento boxes.  The vegetables are sugar snap peas, sliced red pepper and carrots.

This was a lovely lunch - enjoyed by all of us.  The boys and I had ours sitting in the living room but it was nice to have lunch ready when we got back from nursery.  I received a text a couple of hours later from Steve at his work saying that the smiley face on his rice had made him smile.  Well, that's a result!

I had an extra couple of rice balls so I used those for Steve and I to take lunches to work the next day and replaced the chicken with seafood sticks out of the fridge.  Not nearly as nice but took two seconds to make lunch that day.


  1. Too cute! I need to get more creative with my lunches!

  2. Thanks Dom. :-) I had intended to be more creative but when it comes to the evening and the kids are in bed, I am pretty tired and fed up so just went with easy and simple. I DID love not having to make lunch after we got back from nursery the next day, though.

  3. They look so cute! I would be over the moon if someone made something so lovely and healthy for me!

  4. Such fabulous bento boxes - healthy and fun. And lovely to watch those boys trying to use chopsticks. It sure beat my standard work sandwich.

  5. So cute! I've been wanting to make bento, but it always looks like so much more work than shoving last night's leftovers into a tupperware...

  6. Toooo cute! I love bento boxes--they seem so efficient and practical while still being aesthetically pleasing. Yup, breaking out the fancy words for this. I'd probably have to stop dumping smushy stew in old plastic gladware for lunch to achieve the nice bento-ness, though, huh?

  7. I love those smiley faces too!!!!

    Love that the boys are going with the chop sticks better than me ;-}

  8. That should have read:

    Love that the boys are going with chop sticks - way better at them than me!!!!!!!!!!

  9. They look lovely, and a great lunch idea - my cheese sandwiches are very boring by comparison!

    I'd smile too if someone made me lunch and put such a cute little smile on it!

  10. Anna - oh me too - lunch would be a wonderful thing if someone else made it!!!

    Choclette - we often go to Yo Sushi and they love to have a try with the chopsticks. Adam is much better than me with them.

    Valerie - yes, it is. But I think the secret is to use last night's leftovers to make up the bulk of it. I would like to be more organised in that respect but mainly I will be sticking to ham sandwiches.

    Forgottenbeast - lots of great words - especially smushy!!

    BVG - it is always amazing how quickly little ones can learn things!

    C - Cheese sandwiches are much more practical. But, yes, it would be nice to get a smiley face in your lunch as a special treat. :-)