Thursday, 8 December 2011

Just What The Doctor Ordered...


Yes, after my last post trying to get the world to eat more fibre, it was timely indeed that this week's Short and Tweet challenge was to make Dan Lepard's Rye and Apple Cake.  The recipe can be found in Dan's new book, Short and Sweet, or by searching on the Guardian website.  

Choclette mentioned that she uses rye flour when baking her cakes and I realised I have never tried it and almost always use plain white flour in my baking.  Well that is to change right now.  This apple cake is one of my favourite apple cakes and I was very taken with the rye flour.  The uncooked mixture tasted absolutely beautiful - like caramel apple porridge.  I was particularly surprised by how soft the cake was.  It was very decadent and didn't at all taste like something you would expect to be good and wholesome!  I even treated myself to two large slices for breakfast this morning.  And how smug do you think I feel when I give my boys a lovely slice of delicious cake and laugh up my sleeve at how much fibre there is in it?

  Now I can't wait to try Dan's chocolate brownies made with rye flour and I also want to try some breads. Zeb Bakes has lots of good information on baking breads with different flours. 

So, I have made a few things from Short and Sweet now.  Using and enjoying this book seems to make me rather more on-trend than I am used to being.  The fact that everyone is raving about the book makes me want to find faults with it so I'm not just going along with the fashion but it really is a very good book.  I imagine that is because he has been baking these things and adjusting the recipes for years and he does know a thing or two about baking.  It really is a book written by the expert rather than a celebrity offering hastily put together.  If you don't know Dan Lepard's recipes I would suggest looking through them on the Guardian website and maybe trying one or two of them.  You will soon be hooked and decide to buy the book.  Personally, I think the book is set out very well and with lots of useful information and tips.


  1. That looks so good- I can't believe I've not tried anything from this book yet!

  2. are we perhaps all going to get rather tired of Dan and his miracle book very soon...? I mean I love the book but I feel a little over-loaded now... may put it back on the shelf until the new year... anyway, the cake looks bloody amazing and I hope it perked you up xx

  3. See, I KNEW that was coming, Dom. :-D
    That's why I have been wanting to rebel! It all seems a bit over the top sycophantic.
    But I have been totally sucked in and am not yet ready to give my new favourite book a break! Have you used it much yet, Dom?

    Anna, do you have the book?

  4. Dan Lepard's helpful tips are what make this baking book stand out from the >400 cookery books in my collection (I'm not proud of this and am aware that 400 is only a partial catalogue).

    Rye flour is a surprise in 'sweet' baking, isn't it but it tastes superb (when combined with appropriate ingredients and handled in the right way).

    Your cake doesn't seem to have cracked on top, unlike mine or Misky's - it looks very smart.

  5. I do like using rye flour for breads and some cakes and I don't know why we don't see more of it in recipes. Apple cakes are always a good thing and this looks ideal - really like the idea of apple cake for breakfast.

  6. Your cake looks delicious. Am going to try and give this a go today, because whatever impression I gave you, I have never used rye flour in a cake before (make sourdough with it every week) and am really intrigued by the idea. What I do use regularly is wholemeal or wholemeal spelt in cakes. Great to hear the boys loved it. As for Dan's book, I'm finding it very hard not to rave about it :-S

  7. Scrummy Lou! If the kids eat it with joy and you are having two slices for breakfast it's got to be a win win cake. I like baking along with other people simply because I am so disorganized and it pushes me to try things I haven't done before. Though this particular cake is one I have done quite a bit and I still love it :)

  8. Sorry Choclette - I must have got a bit confused. No matter, wholemeal or rye in baking is the way ahead for us, I think.
    EM, Phil and Joanna - thanks - it really is a lovely cake and will be a favourite here too.