Sunday, 14 April 2013

Surprise Ingredient Swap 3 - Florentines.

This was the lovely selection of things I received from Ruth from Makey-Cakey for her Spring Surprise Ingredient Swap. For some reason as soon as I saw the hazelnuts and the cocoa nibs I decided I wanted to make florentines.  I felt that was failing a little though as it meant I didn't use the cute kitty biscuit press she included in the parcel and I also didn't manage any kind of nod towards the seasonal Spring theme.  However, I totally succeeded in making lovely florentines which will make a nutritious snack for the boys if there are any left by tomorrow (I am finding them a little bit too perfect with my cups of tea tonight). 

By the way, does anyone notice that Ruth has rather cleverly sent me a card with a dog on that looks very like my gorgeous Bob?

So back to the florentines - I roughly chopped the 115g of hazelnuts leaving some big chunks.

  I weighed out 40g of the cocoa nibs and 100g of chopped dried apricots.  I melted 30g of unsalted butter in a pan and added 95g caster sugar.  I combined the butter and sugar and let cook gently for about 5 mins then I added 20g plain flour.  I took off the heat and whisked in 150ml of double cream.  I then added the nuts, nibs and apricots and mixed well. I then put heaped tablespoons of the mixture onto baking sheets lined with baking paper. I left plenty of space for them to spread.

  I put them in the oven at 180 C fan for 10 mins.  

I let them cool on the trays then flipped them over with a palette knife and spread melted dark chocolate on the undersides.  


Florentines are so easy to make.  I don't know why I haven't been making them all the time!  

Thanks Ruth for the brilliant parcel. I still have lots of cocoa nibs to use and my biscuit cutter. I might try Dom's classy cupcakes from a previous ingredient swap when I sent him some coca nibs. He gives a good explanation of what they are in this post too. 


  1. Yum indeed. Certainly beats the mini Soreen mine's getting for her play piece tomorrow :-/

  2. These look fabulous, I love Florentines. Bob is georgous. GG

  3. These look fantastic - really yummy! Am finally getting round to posting my roundup - only 2 days late - oops. Am impressed at my psychic dog-card choosing. Secret skills I didn't know I had. I have to agree that Soreen rocks too - and the new banana Soreen mini loaves are dairy free too, which is an even bigger win. Thanks so much for joining in :-) Rx

  4. oooh! Wow! Those sure look great! :) Miss you at TCS! :)