Thursday, 16 September 2010

Restaurant Review 3 - Yo Sushi, Union Square, Aberdeen.

I love Yo Sushi just for the novelty.  I know the food is only average.  If you want great Japanese food in Aberdeen you have to go to Yatai, Skene Street, 01224 635480 ( but we tend to keep Yatai for special occasions.

Yo Sushi is good fun, though.  We have been a few times and really enjoy it.  We took the kids for the first time two nights ago.  Adam's face just lit up when he saw the conveyor belt and he was fascinated!  He immediately got into it, shelling edamame beans like a demon and trying to master the chopsticks.  Isn't it wonderful how kids just throw themselves into things?  I am rubbish with chopsticks but I think that is because I don't practice - I'm too worried about making a big mess and showing myself up.  I need to be more like my kids and just have fun trying.

Rufie was feeling a little under the weather, I think, so he didn't enjoy it so much but he did have a bash with the chopsticks and ate a few edamame beans.  Poor soul had a fever later that night so that explains why he wasn't so into the sushi experience.

So, you order drinks, miso soup and hot dishes from the waiting staff.  You attract their attention whenever you like by pressing a button on your table.  And you help yourself to the cold stuff and occasional hot dishes that go by on the conveyor belt.  The price of the dish is denoted by the colour of plate it is on.  At the end of the meal the waiter counts up the number of each colour of plate you have used and presents you with your bill.  Easy, relaxed, informal, fun.

Our bill came to £57.50 which is quite expensive for a quick weekday evening meal when the two kids ate very little.  I take the blame for that, though, as I insist on choosing the most expensive plates - I love the sashimi!  And we always stuff ourselves.  You could eat a much more sensible meal for much less here but only if you have better willpower than me.

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  1. Please give those poor kids a pair of CleverstiX to use next time! ;-)