Friday, 8 April 2011

100th Post.

Well, it's my 100th post - that came round really quickly.
And, guess what?  I have nothing to post.
We are moving home in less than 3 weeks and, with having the kids around and working, getting anything packed takes forever so today I am packing up my baking stuff and making a start on packing all my crockery.
This means that there will be very little cooking or baking going on here for a while then I'll have a whole new kitchen to get used to.  I think I'm moving to an electric hob - eeek - I know I'll miss my gas hob!

So, instead of food, I'm going to post a few pics of my favourite non-food subjects.  Gratutitous.

Sorry about that.


  1. Congrtas on 100 posts! Very exciting!
    And, seriously, I think you have the cutest boys ever. That picture of them sleeping is just so precious.
    Good luck with the packing and moving and all that goes along with that!!

  2. Woo hoo, well done on your 100th post, here is to many many more. Good luck with the move, hope it goes as smoothly as it can.

  3. Thanks Shelley and Kath. I have just finished packing up the stuff in the filing cabinet. Car insurance from 10 years ago and all sorts of obsolete junk. Remind me to be more organised in my next home and clear out from time to time!

  4. Hello, wow, time flies when you're having fun, eh?! :) Unpacking is my favourite part of moving... and organising the kitchen the way I want it. You?

  5. Congratulations on 100 posts! Hope the move goes lovely and smoothly!

  6. well done for 100 posts... it is actually a brilliant milestone to celebrate and you should be totally proud and long may you continue with such excellent posts... now about that really hairy child in the top picture....

  7. Sarah - Yes, I'm looking forward to getting all unpacked and organised. Although, I know the reality will be to just shove everything everywhere quickly - eeek!
    Hanna - Thanks, I hope so too - and I appreciate your kind words.
    Dom - Thank you. Yes, my most handsome child is a little on the hairy side!

  8. A belated congrats on your 100th post. I have gotten some great ideas from you and look forward to more.