Sunday, 20 November 2011

Cake Slice Bakers 14 - Fail.

This month we were to make Creamy Pumpkin Cheesecake from our new book The Cake Book by Tish Boyle.  First off I notice it is decorated with ginger spiced pumpkin seeds and I don't do ginger but no problem, I can just leave that out.

Next I have to worry about getting the canned pumpkin.  I imported some for last year's Pumpkin-Chocolate Chip Pound Cake (my first ever bake with The Cake Slicer Bakers but I didn't really want anything else from the US so didn't fancy paying the delivery charge just for this one thing.  However, a friend let me know of a place that sells US things quite near by.  (Mains Of Drum for anyone local who is interested - quite a nice selection of classic American goods.)  So, I took the boys for a trip to get some and managed to get two tins of pumpkin.  All set to make the cheesecake.

Somehow, though, I just kept putting off making it.  There was always something more important to do.  I finally decided that I had to get it done and it dawned on me that I wasn't getting on with it as I didn't really fancy pumpkin cheesecake and wasn't sure that anyone else in the house would particularly want it either.  But I had bought the pumpkin.  

It suddenly became clear - I would use the pumpkin to make last year's cake instead as we had all loved it.

I made two of the Pumpkin-Chocolate Chip Pound Cakes.  The only difference from last year's one was that I changed the walnuts to pecans and I used a bar of dark chocolate chopped into rough chunks instead of the chocolate chips. Oh, and I had enough batter to make about 8 cupcakes too. 

I must say I would choose cake over cheesecake any day.

If you want to see the cheesecake, though, please go and have a look at the Cake Slice Blog Roll.


  1. :( That's sad! :( ... I would suggest you try it though! It's like no other cheesecake you've tried... due to the rest of the components! The pumpkin seeds required no ginger just the crust did... I am sure you could've adapted the recipe... I really hope you try it one day and then decide if you like it or not... I am sure you'll find someone else who does though! It is REALLY REALLY GOOD ;) ... GOOD PICS... :D ...

  2. I know Paloma but there are just so many wonderful things I want to make and only so many hours I can devote to the kitchen. I must say that all your lovely pictures did make me feel that (apart from the ginger) I wold have loved to try a piece if someone else did all the hard work. :-)

  3. Yes... it was really good... and even the ginger was different... probably because it was crystallized... I don't know... I am not a fan of pumpkin so I didn't vote for this cake at all... but I am glad it won because it allowed me to taste this wonderful cake and hopefully make it every Thanksgiving now that I found a "pumpkin something" that I actually enjoy! ;) ... I wish I could send you a slice!!! :) - and you could send me a muffin of those you made!!! -

  4. Sounds eminently sensible to make something you know your family enjoyed rather than wasting time and money on something you don't think anyone would like.

    I'd take cake over cheesecake any day too, and your cake looks particularly delicious!

  5. I didn't make it this month either - although looking at everyone's blogs , that was a mistake!

    I couldn't get my hands on any pumpkins. Nice substitute though!

  6. I am not a big fan of cheesecake too, but I don't mind a piece every now and then! This is a good cheesecake, I'm glad I made it. You would want to try at making the roasted pumpkin seeds, they are incredibly addictive!!
    Your Pumpkin-Choc Chip Pound Cake looks good! A great idea to make something everybody loves!

  7. I love this pumpkin chocolate chip pound cake too and made it in cupcake form just last week and a couple of times before that since our group bake!!

    but if you ever have the opportunity when suddenly almost all the ingredients are at hand (by whatever reasons) do give this cheesecake a go! you will be delighted!

    and this is me, Emily - cos blogger is still acting up!

  8. I wouldn't call this a fail--sometimes ingredients just aren't available. Your pound cakes look delish!

  9. Pumpkin cheesecake doesn't appeal to me either but this loaf sounds and looks good!