Friday, 11 November 2011

Cheesy Buttons.

This is my second recipe from Short and Sweet by Dan Lepard for Short and Tweet, the Twitter challenge by @EvidenceMatters.

The recipe was originally published in the Guardian in 2008.  I don't know why I didn't make them at that time because this is right up my street!  Anyway, I made them today and will take a box of them round to my friend's house for our book club tonight.  I think they are a really classy little nibble and they were amazingly quick and easy to put together.

These are rather moreish.  I'll have to leave for book club soon or there will be none left to take with me.  Dan Lepard says this is a great recipe for using up odd bits of cheese you have in your fridge and I can see me doing these quite regularly.  Certainly the perfect thing to take to book club.  Does anyone else have any good suggestions for nice quick easy nibbles for a book club gathering?


  1. They look great, I really have to get a copy of this book.

  2. If I pretend I have a book club will you bring me some of those please? They look golden and delicious.

  3. oh these are great! I make a similar recipe cut into stars!! loving the buttons!! i am asking for his book for xmas x

  4. They look delicious - perfect book club nosh!

    What are you reading at the moment. We just finished Peace by Richard Bausch (excellent) and our next book is On Canaan's Side by Sebastian Barry (shaping up really well)

    Spiced nuts always go down really well with my book club, I have blogged about them last year.

  5. Yummmmmm... what perfect nibbles for a book club! And the button design is lovely. Hmmm...nibbles for a book club- how about little puff pastry bites, topped with marzipan and a couple of apple segments? A bit Christmassy perhaps, possibly better for next month?

  6. rats. I'm so cross to be missing book club all the time. I hope you girls had a lovely evening, let me know what book's up next. xx

  7. Delightful - I'm more & more picking up that I lack the patience/skill to achieve the stylish look of these recipes.

    Pastry pinwheels with anchovy or tomato/caramelised peppers are always very good as nibbles. (Spread anchovies/veg on rolled out pastry, roll along long side, slice into pinwheels then bake.)

  8. Jacqueline - yes, Short and Sweet is all the bash just now isn't it?

    Joanna - we didn't even discuss a book last night! It was just all a big excuse for a girly chat. We did organise the rota for the next few books but that was it. Hee hee - no excuse needed for these wee snacks.

    Victoria - brilliant - I'll make them into stars if I make them for a Christmassy gathering.

    BVG - I have done spiced nuts before as well - good idea, thanks. We don't have a book chosen for the next one. The last one we read was Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro but I haven't finished it yet. My favourite books from last year were Wild Swans by Jung Chang and Madame Cure - a biography by Eve Curie.
    It will be my turn to choose a book in January so I may come and see if you have any recommendations then. :-)

    Kate - that sounds like what choclette8 made recently - - they look very yummy! Great idea!

    Macaroon - email on its way, hope to have you back with us soon. xxx

    EvidenceMatters - aha - I made pinwheels for the first time for our Halloween party this year - you're right - they would be perfect! Thanks for the anchovy idea - I love anchovies!

  9. Oh, they look yummy! Cheesy biscuits are right up my street too, I wish I had a book club to share them with!

  10. Brilliant looking savoury biscuits and I prefer savoury over sweet so these have my name all over them!

  11. I like them so much, edible buttons :)

  12. C - Just eat them all yourself!

    Karen - I probably do prefer savoury too but I m a biscuit fiend so will eat any and all!

    Shaheen - cute, eh? Not as cute as your sage frogs. :-)

  13. They sound yummy, and I like the way they look, and the name :-).
    Yes, perfect for a book club, or to eat by yourself when reading a good book :-).

    Following you!


  14. Thanks for your comment on my blog - I can't believe the coincidence with cheese biscuits and book clubs and dinner dishes! I love your little button shapes.

  15. These look great Lou and just like buttons. Now I've heard you say how easy these are, I'm feeling rather peeved with myself for not taking part this week. I always used to take brownies to my book group as they are so quick and easy, but possibly not as healthy an option as cheese biscuits. Sadly don't have a group to belong to now and I really miss it. Find all I read these days are recipe books!

  16. My first reaction to these cheese buttons was "OH! How sweet!" and then I read that the recipe is a great way to use up excess knobs of cheese that are rattling about the cheese drawer in the fridge ... now that's my kind of recipe! I'm such a cheapskate! I love the idea of Cheddar and Swiss combination ... oh yum! I may have to make a soup to have with these little biscuits!

  17. Oh these are so cute!! I can imagine they are really moreish too :)


  18. These look absolutely adorable!! (One might even say that they look as "cute as a button" - groan.) I usually make a quiche of some sort when I've got bits of cheese to use up, but I'll have to try these next time – they'll make a nice change!!

  19. Alessandra - thanks very much for your comment.

    Lesley - amazing coincidence!

    Choclette - I wonder what my group would think if I nominated a cookbook one of these months. I'm kind of tempted to give it a try. I could challenge them all to bring something cooked from it to the next meeting.

    Susan - that's not being a cheapskate - it is being resourceful and environmentally friendly. :-)

    Maria - Yes - very much so. I am going to make them next time we have people over.

    Mel - Hee hee - they are cute as a button!

  20. These look so cute! On my to-bake-once-I-can-eat-dairy-again list!
    Looking forward to it...

  21. these are so cute!! :) ~ Barefoot mama

  22. Visiting from HH UK. I love those buttons - they look so cute! And good! Now, if you just had some "bows" to go with those buttons!

  23. I looked at the recipe and I think even I could handle this one :)

    I have to admit I had to google moreish - maybe because I've never made anything moreish before! Yea, another English word under my belt :)

    Thank you for linking up to Post Of The Month Club - it is great to have you there! XOLaura

  24. Ruth - oh I hope for your sake it won't be too long til then. :-(

    Barefoot Mama - Thank you. :-) I'm making them again next weekend for some folk coming round.

    HolleyGarden - what a great idea doing bows to go with them - very girly. I couldn't do that though. Unless I could find a cutter?

    Laura - Oh moreish is used a LOT here. I actually tried not to use it and think of something more unusual but couldn't think of any way better to describe them. I look forward to Post Of The Month as it's great for finding new and exciting blogs. Haven't managed to visit as many as usual though this month as been a bit busy.