Sunday 22 July 2012

My Cookbooks and Where They Live.

On the last day of July, Dom is going to do a round up of this month's Random Recipes and it is going to be a nosey-parker's dream!
Randomly enough, he has asked us all to post photographs of our cookbook collections and already I have been able to snoop into lots of lovely houses in the posts already up.  I think there is really something wonderful about seeing how other people arrange their homes, isn't there?

So, here are my photos.

The top photo is in my kitchen.  Those are the books that are out in the kitchen because I have been using them ar plan to in the next week.  My Kenwood Chef used to fill that space under the cupboards but, as you can see, it has now been crowded into a tiny area.

Now actually when I went to take photos of my cookbooks, I found that those from the top photo were actually being used to help with robot manufacture.  Here is the photo with Snappy the robot.

The majority of my cookbooks live in the book shelf in the garage.  Not the most idyllic of places but it is handy for the kitchen.

It is a hugely reduced collection as it was pared down before we moved house just over a year ago. Previously the whole bookshelf would have been filled. I do have loads of food magazines and Guardian Weekend cuttings all over the house and I often get cookbooks from our local library.  I LOVE my library service.  I reserve a book online (and have yet to find a book they don't have), it gets delivered to my local library, they text me when it is ready to collect (usually 2-3 days later) and there is no charge at all for this amazing service.  I am just away to order HFW's Everyday Veg book so I expect I'll get it very soon.  

Thanks Dom for an easy and fun challenge this month. 


  1. I see we have a lot of the same cookbooks. It is great having a nosey and everyone seems to be joining in. It is going to be a huge roundup :)

  2. It's amazing seeing how many books different participants have in common! Taking random recipes as a straw poll, it's no wonder Nigella's such a wealthy lady! Oh, and you're welcome to my HFW veg for a borrow any time. I'll be interested what you make of it. I flick through it often, enjoy every page, determine to cook my way from cover to cover, and then NEVER use it. It's a weird one.

  3. I'm sure yours will be the only Random Recipes with a robot! Mine get used for various purposes too, but we're not at the robot stage yet. I love getting books from the library too, though I have temporarily banned myself from doing it, on the condition that I don't use the books I OWN enough. Lovely to see your collection and hope all is well x

  4. Glad to see Snappy the Robot is getting educated into the art of cookbook collection. Housing your books in the garage is a new one on my, but I'm now wishing we had a garage to expand into. It's nice to see a few familiar covers amongst your collection.

  5. Thanks for letting us have a sneak peek - I see we have quite a few in common. Love Snappy :)

  6. I LOVE Snappy the Robot... he must be an amazing cook now after reading all those books... again, if I had a penny for every time Nigella sold a book I would be a billionaire! I'm also loving the shelf in the garage, it's very handy and would be for me too, in fact I may have to expand over there soon one day!. Thanks for taking part and having such fun snooping! (it's been great hasn't it?) x

  7. Cook books in the garage is a bit of a first, but why not? Much as I enjoyed seeing your collection of books (and I really did) I confess that I enjoyed seeing Snappy the Robot even more.

  8. I love all your cookbooks - I seem to have quite a few that overlap with your collection. The garage may not be perfect but at least it's close by and they're tidy. I had to find all mine first and put them back on the shelves!

  9. A brilliant collection.

    And I looooove the Robot!!

    Sue xx