Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Robot Party.

My baby boy had a robot party this year for his 4th birthday.

The boys helped me make the cake-pops for the first time this year.  Rufus made some rather odd monster ones - very cute! The robot pops are copied straight from Bakerella's book. 

I also made a three layer chocolate cake and kept the decoration fairly simple because of a lack of time.

We had a bouncy castle and all our favourite friends round and it was such a lovely day.

The bunting was made especially for Rufus by Especially For.  She made our owl bunting last year so I asked if she would do robots for us this year and she did a lovely job. 

And, of course, we made our own robot - Snappy!

Here are a couple of photos of the birthday boy in his robot T-shirts.  The green one came as a present from Little Macaroon and the other one I had ordered for him to wear at his party but it didn't come in time. 


  1. The boys helped with those cake pops?!?!?! Like I said, best thing I have ever eaten. If I could live on nothing but Auntie Louise's cake pops for the rest of my days...
    Glad he likes the t-shirt :-)

  2. Your simple decoration is a million times better than anything I could do with all the time in the world! Love the t-shirts (yours and Rufus's).

  3. Hapy birthday to your baby boy! This just sounds like my kind of party! I wish I had party like this when I was little :(
    I absolutely love the picture with the dog staring at the cake-pops... they look fantastic!

  4. Happy birthday to Rufus!!! Oh my gosh, those cake pops look so great, and the cake does, too! I hope you guys had a wonderful party and that your little guy had a great birthday!!

  5. Happy 4th Rufus!

    The party spread's FAB!

  6. Happy birthday!!
    LOve the cake pops and the cake too!

  7. Happy Birthday to your lovely little boy! What a fabulous collection of cakes you've made - I love the fact that they helped with the cake pops - very clever! The little table they're sitting at is great - it must be so much easier for them to help out.

  8. In my excitement, I closed the page before adding my comment.

    Love it all. The cake, the robots, the cake pops and the family photos. On the same theme I am making robots with children in the library on Tuesday from recycled bits and bobs and tinfoil. There were 44 children at the last craft, eek!

    So, now for advice. I found cake pops tricky.

    1. Where did you get the poly block?
    2. How do you stop cake pops from falling off the sticks?
    3. How did you thin the candy melts?


  9. Awww cute! What a great idea :o)

  10. Great cake! I love the robot theme! Your boys are really creative. There are really cute!

  11. Thanks Everyone. We did indeed have a wonderful day - birthday boy was delighted. We also had great fun on the run up to the day making Snappy and the cake pops. Keeps kids entertained for hours!

    Jac -1. I did a couple of floristry City and Guilds a few years back so I have a few big boxes of floristry stuff in my garage. The blocks I use for the cakepops are blocks of oasis you would use for artificial flower displays. Can get from lots of online craft or floristry shops or ebay. I just wrap them in wrapping paper for display purposes too. Easy but they do make life a LOT easier.
    2. I get the odd one which falls off the stick although the more I make them, I get fewer disasters. I try to keep the cakepops reasonably small as the bigger heavier ones fall off more easily. However, they always end up bigger than I intend. The other thing which helps is to not have too much thick covering on them as this is fairly heavy which leads to the next point -
    3. I started by using Trex but actually if not mixed brillaintly you end up with streaks in your finished cakepop. I have also used cookeen. For the robots, I decided to try sunflower oil. It works brilliantly. No streaks. Mixes in easily. I added quite a lot in to make the mixture nice and thin and it didn't really affect the taste or texture of the candy coating very much.

  12. What a lovely party, but it was the picture of your dog looking through the door which tickled me. The perspective of that table makes him look absolutely massive.

  13. Gorgeous cake, gorgeous boys, gorgeous photos!

  14. The cakes look great and I love the monster pops - such lovely photos!

  15. Hello! Thanks for your lovely comment, it made my day. I am just in awe of your amazing cake skills - love it that you didn't have much time but STILL managed that perfect robot icing. I think I would have been lying in a darkened room, bits of cake pop strewn everywhere, at that point!
    Hope all is well - your boys are getting so big - and my word, that dog is ENORMOUS!

  16. Belated Happy Birthday Rufus.

    What a fantastic party - lucky you!

  17. I was just looking for a good theme and decoration for a birthday party and I am so happy I came across this one. It’s great! I am going to decorate one of the Chicago venues like this for my nephew’s birthday party. He is so adorable! happy birthday little cutie!