Wednesday 22 August 2012

Random Recipes 19 - Chicken Satay Skewers and Noodles.

So I have put the above photo up to show you what it is supposed to look like.  This Jamie Oliver book certainly has lots of lovely, stylish photos in it.  I just still can't seem to organise myself to be able to do anything other than take a very rushed photo of a meal in among all the mess of cooking it so that we can dig in while it's still hot and before we get "hangry" (- a friend's description of her husband when he needs to be fed!).

I'm looking for tips people.  All you out there with impossibly stylish food blogs.  Do you cook something to be photographed at a time when noone is hungry, there are no children running about causing mayhem, you have a maid cleaning up after you as you go along? Do you have an area in front of a window all set up ready to accept pretty food for photographing? Do you have endless stores of pretty china for any occasion and beautiful linens? Is it is just that I am the worst housewife going?  

Here are my photos anyway of the meal I made for the 19th Random Recipe Challenge. I randomly selected Jamie's 30 Minute Meals.  I have never cooked anything from this at all.  My Auntie won it in a raffle a few months back and donated it to me.  I have been trying not to acquire any more cookbooks but I have heard good things about this one so I gladly accepted.  

The page I chose randomly was titled Chicken Skewers, Amazing Satay Sauce, Fiery Noodle Salad and Fruit and Mint Sugar.  I omitted the dessert due to a lack of time and the fact we have loads of cakes and chocolate and fruit and yogurts and all sorts of nonsense needing used up already.

I enjoyed making this.  Fairly low faff.  Bung everything in a food processor kind of stuff.  All quick and easy to make.  The end result was yummy. I would certainly make this again but it has also made me feel very positive about using this book again for easy teas for the kids.


  1. Ha! We chose the same book (and I didn't even manage a photo of ours before it was eaten!). But it did look quite like the one in the book (minus the pro lighting, food stylist, emulsion paint and deck varnish :-) This is one of the meals I haven't made from 30mm yet, but you know I'm a fan! Looks great.

  2. Mmmmmmm, the noodle salad looks good, must have a look at the recipe :)

  3. um... firstly, what are you talking about? that middle photo of yours is amazing!... ok, it may not look the the one in the book but who's does?... I don't have kids so I don't have that kind of panic but I do have a hangry Viking who waits for no man... I do tend to start cooking earlier than usual to give myself the 10 mins I need to photograph everything but then I don't consider my photo's too overstyled anyway... Love this dish, thank you SO much for taking the time to take part, love having you part of the gang!

  4. Let's put it this way ... your photos are good enough to have me drooling! Love satay - pork or chicken! Yours is a killer version! That Jamie is pretty on the ball with his recipes!

    As for styling ... I usually put a background together with textiles, flatware, whatever while the cooking is going on, plunk the finished dish down and snap the shot just before it goes to the table ... the only bugger is when I cook late and the available light sucks. Then ... I reserve a leftover serving and do the shoot the next morning ...

  5. I think the pics look just fine - I'm definitely getting hungry looking at them. Pictures are a lot easier when they're cakes or biscuits that you can photograph any time. To be honest, I don't worry too much about my pics most of the time - I'm a snapshot merchant. But I don't have kids running round demanding food and my wife doesn't get hangry (love that word) too often, so it's not too bad.

  6. I know I'm not one of the uber-stylish to whom you refer, but love your photography - it always seems so light and airy to me. And I love the little bits of your kitchen that we can see. My photography is generally done at about 11pm, when I'm desperate to get to bed, which explains why it isn't great! As Phil says, cakes are easier, I don't envy those who do main meals, I like my food hot! Love the 'hangry' description - perfect!

  7. This looks great - and despite what you think, your photos look very appetising!!! I'm lucky if mine are even in focus most of the time! rx

  8. Li'l Mac - Yes, it was your recommendations that made me choose to keep the book. Am going to be trying your mango ice cream from it.

    Jac - The noodles were lovely. I think I would add some extra veggies next time.

    Dom - Can't keep The Viking waiting for his food while you faff - quite right!

    Susan - thanks for your comment. Yes, I just need to try to be more organised. I think I tend to be trying to do a million other things while cooking too but should just stop trying to do everything and just focus a bit. Good idea to keep a portion and do it another time when things are less hectic.

    Phil - thanks. Hangry is a great word isn't it. We have officially stolen it for use in our family.

    Caroline - Thanks. It's all a balance and I guess we all just find what works for us. Cakes are so much more patient! :-)

    Ruth - Thank you.

  9. I'm coming here via random recipes, your pictures look lovely, and this is one of my favourite dishes from Jamie's 30 minute meals x

  10. What I'd like to know is did it take you 30 minutes? Just asking as I've tried a couple of recipes from this book and both took me at least 40 minutes, without doing the dessert! However, still good.

    1. I didn't time it as I was faffing about with the kids while doing it. I think if I just to on and did it and started with a clean kitchen, it probably wouldn't take much more than 30 mins. Your 40 mins would be about right. And, of course, I didn't do the dessert.

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