Tuesday, 28 August 2012

2 Years Of Blogging.

2 years of blogging? Wow. Happy Birthday Little Blog.

Seems fitting then on a blog to celebrate my children's journeys into food that I will celebrate by posting some pics of their harvests from the garden this year.

Rufus wanted to grow tomatoes so we have three huge cherry tomato plants in the house and we have had a constant supply of wee tomatoes for the last month and it looks set to keep going going for a good while longer.  How lovely that the boys are almost constantly stealing a wee tomato on their way past.  What could be better for them?

Adam wanted to plant carrots.  We have been harvesting baby carrots as we thin them out for the last month or so too and as the summer goes on, the carrots we harvest are getting bigger and bigger.

A couple of big pots of salad leaves have also kept us going in salad for the past several months.

Our strawberries were very poor this year - we only got three or four.  Our peas and beans also got attacked by the birds so we only got a handful of pods.

We haven't harvested any courgettes yet but they are ready now and looks like we have a fair crop of those.

Nice haul this year for just a few pots.

One of the forests near us has had a plentiful supply of wild raspberries so we have been absolutely stuffing our faces when out walking. We also decided to collect some blaeberries while out one morning to take home to make blaeberry pancakes.  They were delicious.  Blaeberries are smaller and sharper than blueberries and are perfect in pancakes with a little drizzle of honey over the top.

And to add to our bounty, Little Macaroon brought us a huge bag full of foraged chanterelles.  They were beautiful.  We sauteed them lightly in garlic butter and had them with pasta.  Amazing.

Time to plan what we're going to do with the courgettes. And start wondering what we'll grow next year?  Love it.

Edit - Funnily enough, Little Macaroon just posted the recipe for these wee pancakes if anyone wants it.  You can obviously add any fruit or extras as you see fit.  Bananas are good too. 


  1. Lovely pictures of all your produce! Sounds like your courgettes are at last getting going - mine really still aren't. But a great (HFW) way with the tiny ones (finger-sized) is to slice and fry them off in some oil, garlic and lemon, tip onto a nice piece of toasted brown bread, and smother with yoghurt and chopped mint. My favourite lunch ever!

  2. Mmm - that sounds lovely. My ones are all quite big now but I will look out for wee ones.

  3. Happy Birthday to your blog! What a great harvest you've had there. Those chanterelles are beautiful, I can smell them frying lightly on the stove with a little shallots and olive oil... :)

  4. Happy Brithday little blog... so cute when they're this young xxx

  5. Happy blog-birthday! And what a beautiful harvest you've had this summer!! Delicious and so satisfying!! I hope to have a garden one day... :)

  6. Happy birthday. Love the look of those pancakes. One of my best food memories from when I was little was the taste of freshly-picked tomatoes and I still think that you can't get better. Our courgette plants decided to start producing in large quantities about 3 weeks ago. We've made chutney, cakes, jam and filled the freezer with many other courgette dishes. Getting just a little bit bored with courgettes now.

  7. Happy blog birthday to you! I had no idea our blogs were so close in age - you would have thought we would have met at blog antenatal classes or something! I am very envious of your summer harvest, especially those berries. As for the little pancakes, aren't they pikelets? I must go and check them out...

  8. Lovely pancakes made with love.

  9. Happy birthday to your wee bloggie. Looking forward to the weekend :)

  10. Love your pancake pictures. Have birthday to your blog, long may it continue. :)

  11. Happy birthday to your blog and what delicious pancake!

  12. Happy 2nd Anniversary! Love how your kids are involved!

  13. Happy birthday! Looks like you had a much better year of growing than we did. Aside from a lot of garlic we didn't get much this year. Certainly our carrots, courgettes and peas were miserable.

    My favourite thing to do with courgettes is to slice them up and put them on the BBQ.


  14. Thank you Marina. Chanterelles are just amazing, aren't they?

    Dom - :)

    Shelley, yes it is lovely to have a garden. This year has been perfect for us - we have grown enough to make us excited but haven't felt we have done too much and been stressed by having to look after it or eat it all!

    Phil - I plan to make some chutney. Intrigued by your jam!

    Li'l Macaroon - I had your yogurty courgettes for lunch today - very ice!