Monday, 29 October 2012

Pinnies And Petticoats Do Halloween.

The second night of the Aberdeen Baking Club - Pinnies and Petticoats at Tiger Tiger was a Halloween themed one.  

As a Mum of wee-ish ones and a huge fan of owls, I went with baking these Halloween Hoot Owl Cookies from Time To Cook - the blog by Mary-Anne Boermans, finalist from the 2011 Great British Bake Off.  She gives the full recipe and a link to the lady who came up with it. 

I just love these biscuits because they look so cute, are fairly simple to make and go well with a cup of tea.  I think they make a fine change to some of my over-the-top baking too.

I tried them out for Pinnies and Petticoats and when they were a success I repeated them for this weekend's Halloween party.  The party was for lots of little ones from a few weeks old up to 5 years so I felt the not-scary-at-all-but-still-Halloweeny owl biscuits would work well.  And the best bit?  My very own 5 year old loved them and helped me make them all.  We had a rather good team-working system running.  I cut the discs of dough and he put in the eyes and beaks.

And here is a picture of my boys in this year's costumes.  Adam is a dragon (I got the costume from etsy - from this store) and Rufus is a spider's web (which I fashioned myself - I'm not very crafty!). 

But, back to the point of this post which is to talk about Pinnies and Petticoats. It was a great success.  I was so impressed with the array of baking we had.  Our numbers had swelled somewhat from the 8 we had at the first one.  I was telling people we had about 30 people there but I see Foodie Quine has put the number at just over 20 and she is more likely to have counted properly. 

I was unable to taste everything but I did get to try loads of amazing bakes and I managed to get photos of a few of them.  Check them out!

And that's just a fraction of what was actually there for us to sample.

If you are in the Aberdeen area and would like to come along, our next one will be held on Friday 16th November at 7pm at Tiger Tiger.
This will be our Christmas event so bring a festive bake and a Tupperware box for taking home some samples!

You can see my post to the first ever Pinnies and Petticoats here and you can find the Facebook page here


  1. 'Im indoors is insisting that I get a life again, and soon (I suspect he might be keen on my having an excuse to wash my hair once in a while) and says I MUST sterilise some baby bottles and take up your invitation to this! So I need to think up something delicious...

    1. Hey, I'll give you a lift and we can just stay a short time if you like.
      Or we can taxi and go to town!!! ;)

  2. Oh and BTW I loved that web costume! I had no idea you made it, it was GENIUS!

  3. The biscuits look lovely and also the costumes! Happy Halloween to you. Have fun!

  4. an amazing collection of cakes... my fave are the owl cookies xx