Saturday, 29 September 2012

Pinnies And Petticoats.

At the Scottish Food Bloggers' Conference, I was chatting to people who are members of baking clubs such as Jac who is in the Dundee Clandestine Cake Club and I decided it was time to start some kind of baking club in Aberdeen.  On the way home on the train, I tweeted to see if there would be much interest in starting something.  I got a good few responses from people in Aberdeen and then someone tweeted that @MissKazzieB and @colene1985 had already started to organise one and had a venue sorted out.

Brilliant!  It turned out that they were planning a fairly informal club which suited me perfectly.  Our first night was at Tiger Tiger in Aberdeen and there were no rules or regulations. 

I decided to bake Dan Lepard's Rye Apple Cake just because I love it.  You can get the recipe from the Guardian website here or from Dan's brilliant baking book, Short and Sweet.  I know I have blogged about this cake before but it is a good bake.

We had a successful night. Eight bakers managed the first night and there are a few more due to come to the next one.  Because it was fairly small, we started by sitting down and having a chat and getting to know each other.   We then got stuck into some serious eating. I'm sorry the photos aren't great - we will maybe have to make more effort with our presentation and lighting next time but, having said that, I think there were only two of us who were bloggers - the other blogger is Foodie Quine - great to meet another local blogger.  The bakes were brilliant and what a varied selection.  We had black velvet cake, passion cake, chocolate cakepops and cute cupcake cake balls, peanut butter biscuits, traditional Scottish tablet, sherbet lemon meringues, pale ale parkin (missed yourself with that one, Mince and Skirlie!), peanut butter balls and everything was very tasty and indulgent. 

We were then invited downstairs to Kanaloa for free cocktails to round off a very successful night.

I can't wait for the next one which is Wednesday 17th October at 7pm at Tiger Tiger on Ship Row.  
It is Halloween theme so looking forward to some fun bakes.  You are welcome to come along if you bring something baked and please bring along friends who are welcome just to eat.  You can find us on twitter by searching #pinniesandpetticoats or on the facebook page.

I'm away to start thinking about what I'm going to bake.  Here are some of the Halloween things I have made in the last few years - 

Cobweb and bat cupcakes.

My pumpkin cakepops.  These were the first ever cakepops I had made and I was so proud of them at the time!

My mummy cupcakes.  I still love these.

Last year, I made meringue ghosts.

Has anyone got any fun suggestions for this year?


  1. This sounds so fun, but I imagine October would be too soon for me getting out and about for an evening!!!

    1. No hurry - come and join us when you get to the point of wanting an evening away.

  2. Brilliant! Such fun and the selection looked wonderful.

  3. Oh and I love your hallowe'en treat especially the cupcakes and ghosts :)

  4. Great start to your cake club. Love the Mummy cupcakes, hilarious.

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  6. I was just thinking that Aberdeen really needs a cake club so I googled to see if anyone was already doing it, and here I am! I'm so glad that you've only just started up, I will defiantly be along to the next one.

  7. I'm so excited there's a baking club in Aberdeen! I can't wait to come along to the next meeting. Going to have to think of some good Halloween ideas!

  8. The baking club sounds fun (and free cocktails are always a winner…)! I love the meringue ghost idea! I might try that out this year for Halloween.