Sunday, 16 September 2012

This Week I Have Been Mostly Eating...

Saturday - 

I was away out for a 5K race over lunchtime.  Steve made asparagus, halloumi and new potatoes from the booklet of recipes (which came in the Guardian) from Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall's Three Good Things On A Plate.  Of course he didn't take a photo as normal people don't photograph their food.  More annoyingly, he didn't leave me any.  He made up for it though by making me a mozzarella and tomato salad.  I didn't take a photo of that because I had just done my fastest ever 5K time on a hilly course in the hottest heat we have had all summer - I was tired, okay.

In the evening, my parents took us out to the local Chinese restaurant (Yan in Westhill for those who are interested) where a lovely meal was had by all.


Lunch was antipasto, I think, but no pictures.

For tea, Steve made another recipe from the HFW booklet.  This time brandade, tomatoes and toast.  The brandade is a thick spread made from smoked haddock, potatoes and garlic.  The tomatoes were baked at a low heat for 3 hours so they were amazingly sweet and perfectly partnered the salty fish.


Monday -

Lunch was cheese, oatcakes and fruit.

Roast chicken and mash for tea.

Tuesday -

Work day so just packed lunches.

Tea was the leftover chicken from the roast made into individual chicken and mushroom pies.  I got the idea for making these in the muffin tin from Utterly Scrummy Food For Families. I have mentioned Michelle's blog before - bursting full of budget conscious family meals.

Wednesday -

Again a work day so kids get school dinners or lunch at the childminders. At night they get a packed tea I have made for them to eat at the childminders as they go straight from there to football.  I was busy so just ham sandwiches, grapes, raisins and juice.

Thursday -

Lunch was a tuna melt panini for Rufus and me.  It is strange now just being the two of us for lunch.  Adam has school dinners and is really enjoying it.

You can see it is served with mushrooms as Rufus was looking through the fridge and announced he wanted mushrooms for lunch.  Okay then. 

Tea was honey and mustard sausages with carrot mash.  I think it was inspired by the Tesco magazine.


Leftovers and fruit for lunch.  Poor Rufus is going to get a lot of these thrown together lunches as cooking for two seems a bit too much hassle!  Mind you, he loves this sort of thing.  He demolished that whole bowl of blueberries, most of the olives and blackberries too.  Wasn't keen on the fig so I ate that.

And a nice, easy tea - frozen, battered fish and some peas.

So that was our week in food.  I didn't even do any baking or make any puddings.  Have started off this week a bit better though with a pudding and some baking already done this weekend.  Sometimes I just don't have the time or inclination, though.

Oh, and I just wanted to include a lunch from the week before too - an idea given to me by Little Macaroon for eating our courgette from the garden. 

I had some wholemeal pitta to use up so used that as the base.  Courgettes and garlic fried lightly then splodged with yogurt, lemon zest and mint.  I'm sure Lil Mac's version is much prettier but it was delicious.

I think my favourite meal of this week was the roast chicken.  What was your favourite meal of the week?


  1. You guys eat so well all week. Those individual chicken pies are awesome!!

    1. Yes I'm glad those pies worked well as it is such a good, easy idea. I'll be able to play about with loads of new fillings.

  2. I had those courgettes yesterday for my lunch too, yummy!! And those pies look fab. My poor mum would envy your relatively low carb meals: fish and peas, bangers and carrots, she'd much prefer to be staying with you just now I think. Her pancreas finding our staples of pasta and rice hard to cope with!

  3. Ah but we make up for the lack of carbs in the meal by having copious cakes, biscuits, ice cream or chocolate afterwards. I should maybe do a post of EVERYTHING I eat and really shame myself!

  4. oh man what a glorious week of food!... my fave are the puff pastry pies and I am stealing those with utter abandon... glorious!

  5. Oh everything looks delicious but pies are super...
    Have a nice week

  6. Yum - what a delicious week! Think if I did the same this week, bananas and toast would feature far too frequently to make interesting blogging!!!

  7. Love seeing all the different things you eat over the week - really interesting. I don't think I could do similar - you'd all die of boredom - I think having a family must give you more of an incentive! Those little pies are fab.