Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Cheat's Sourdough.

One of my challenges this month has an option to use a mature sourdough starter.
Well, we tried a sourdough starter once before and ended up throwing it out as it was a bit TOO sour or otherwise known as rancid.  And I don't really have time this month to faff about trying something that I'm not terribly confident will work.
So, I went and ordered ready-made sourdough starter from the kitchen of THE Richard Bertinet.
And when you see the price, you'll think I've gone off my rocker.  Yes, I feel guilty about it.

But, today I made the first loaves of bread I have made in years!  And they are a success.  I made wholemeal but I'll maybe do a more traditional white one for my next loaf.  They are soft and chewy with a crispy crust and they have a distinctive sour tang.  Much more tasty than shop-bought with our soup at lunchtime.


  1. Richard Bertinet's book Dough taught me how to make bread so I'd trust the man to make a decent starter. His bread technique never ever fails for me. I've even had people disbelieve me when I revealed I made the bread myself. Your loaf looks so soft and lovely.

  2. I'm so glad it worked out for you with the starter. I'd love to learn to get bread just right, but it's so difficult and I never have the time to experiment. Glad to see there's a bit of a shortcut!

  3. I did a starter earlier this year and the bread was good, but not good enough for me to continue to faff around with the starter on a daily basis. I sort of regret not keeping it going now. Your loaf looks delicious.

  4. Not cheap!!

    Never heard of Richard Bertinet before - looking forward to having a good look through the website.

    Oh the bread looks wonderful.

  5. I have yet to try making a sour dough. You're turned out pretty great (=

  6. Well, i think I might be coming to the same conclusion as Kath. I like home made bread but I don't think I like the sour dough enough to keep faffing with the starter and worrying about it. I think I'll stick it in the freezer and forget about it for a while.