Thursday, 20 October 2011

Cake Slice Bakers 13 - Apple Cake With Maple Frosting.

Another fabulous Autumnal cake but I just LOVE apple cakes.  This one comes from the new book that The Cake Slice Bakers are baking from this year - The Cake Book by Tish Boyle.

I do find frosting made with butter quite sickly so I wish I had maybe made a little less and just had a very thin layer of frosting.  This time last year I made a similar cake with a brown sugar glaze. I think the cakes were very similar but I would really need to taste them side by side to know which was better but I do prefer the sugar glaze to the frosting.

Here is a link to Brownieville Girl's post of the same cake for the recipe.  She just made a glaze with icing sugar and maple syrup which looks lovely - I think I will try that next time.

Here is my adapted recipe for the Cream Cheese Maple Frosting - 

Ingredients - 

140g cream cheese, softened
30g unsalted butter, softened
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
2 tbsp maple syrup
1/4 tsp ground cinnamon
1/4 tsp allspice
pinch of salt
115g icing sugar, sifted

Method - 

1. Beat together the cream cheese and butter until smooth.
2. Beat in the vanilla, maple syrup, spices and salt.
3. Beat in the icing sugar.

This looks to be a really great book with recipes for every conceivable kind of cake for all occasions. My only slight gripe is that it is another American book so there are a few hard-to-get-hold-of ingredients again.  However, it does have metric weights for all ingredients as well as cup measurements, although, for some reason, they haven't converted the oven temperatures.  If you are going to go to the bother of converting all the weights for an international audience, why would you not convert the oven temperatures which is surely a much simpler job?
There aren't photos for ever recipe but that would probably make the book prohibitively expensive with so many recipes but the photos there are are amazing and so inspiring.
It would also be a good book for a beginner as it has big sections at the beginning on all aspects of baking and decorating cakes.
I wonder how many recipes there are in this book - hundreds by the look of it!  We will make one every month for the next year but I imagine this book will keep me going for years to come.


  1. Look amazing! I love apples cakes too! gloria

  2. Oh wow, this looks so good!! I am drowning in apples and what a great excuse to make this cake.


  3. Gloria - can't beat them!

    Maria - I think you'll love it. :-)

  4. Love all desserts with apples too! And it's just so "fall-ish" isn't it? Your cake looks beautiful! :D

  5. Look at that frosting!!! mmmmmmm

  6. That frosting looks very tasty so I was a bit disappointed when you said it was a bit sickly. I like the idea of the maple frosting with the apple cake though - good combo. I am with you on the oven temp thing, that does seem a bit daft.

  7. I loved this apple cake too. Its so warming and autumnal. Love the gooey look of your frosting :)

  8. Kath - everyone else liked the frosting - I think I'm a little weird about frosting.

    Katie - I just love everything Autumnal - the best season!

  9. Paloma - thank you.

    Victoria - hee hee - would you have liked to have licked the bowl?

  10. I'd have licked the bowl... and the beaters... and all the spoons... and I'd have done it in secret after telling my child that it was all already in the dishwasher. That's the kind of selfless, benevolent, goddess-like mother(beeper) that I am.

  11. The cake looks fantastic. Love that icing just dribbling on the sides... yum.

  12. Thanks a million for linking to my effort - you are so kind.

    Your cake as always looks wonderful, but I understand what you are saying about the amount of frosting.

    I'm loving the book too.

  13. Macaroon - hee hee, I'm totally with you!

    Michael - thanks :-)

    BVG - It's a great book. I also have my new Dan Lepard and the GBBO books to work my way through so it should be a baking fest round here! Hopefully.

  14. Your icing looks like mine--must be the maple syrup! Gorgeous cake.

  15. Your cake looks inviting! May I come over for tea?

    First time ever any topping of mine came out good. I liked the frosting!

  16. Cucina - yes but I liked it gooey. :-)

    Emily - Please come over for tea and cake - that's what Autumn days are for!

  17. Congrats on your bake and it looks delish. Hmm wish I still have some left in my fridge. I like that fact that you had dusted the frosting as well.

  18. I love how your frosting is oozing down the sides of the cake! I love butter so loved this frosting. I also love sugar so a glaze would be great too!

  19. I love this cake and actually had it without the frosting (I served the frosting on the side). Would bake this again for a quick afternoon snack, maybe even for breakfast?

  20. Looks delicious, I too love apple cakes, and they're so perfect for this time of year - warming and yet fresh and fruity too. It sounds like an interesting book to be baking from, but American measurements always put me off, as does lack of pictures. Look forward to seeing what else the group bakes.

  21. It looks lovely, I do love apple cakes too especially in Autumn :)

  22. Mmmm, that cake and frosting looks so good! The book sounds interesting, but I don't make enough cake to justify an entire book for it. Plus, I'm a pretty incompetent baker, so I'll take my few baked goods I know how to make and pretty much leave it at that :)