Sunday, 30 October 2011

Halloween Party.

I have mentioned my group of friends from our antenatal class before.  Well, I have to say, we throw fantastic parties between us.  We share out what needs to be done so we all bring a dish or two, someone brings drinks, someone else does party bags, someone does the games.  We have had so many brilliant parties over the last 4-5 years.  Here was last year's Halloween Party

This year's Halloween on was at our house.
I made savoury pinwheels and meringue ghosts with forest fruits and cream and Steve made a pumpkin soup.
Others brought a parsnip and apple soup, spooky jellies, home-made toffee apples, spider biscuits, hot chicken dip, vegetable crudites, hot spiced cider and other bits and pieces.  We ended up having a real feast.  All the kids were so cute in their costumes.  We also had fun and games for several hours and then finished off with brilliant party bags.

This is such a fab time in my life.  So much fun. 

Okay, so my meringue ghosts I copied from a cut out from a magazine that I saved from last year.  I can't now remember what magazine it was.  I did try searching the net for the original but didn't find it.  However, there are loads of recipes on the net and videos showing how to do it too.  The Art Of Being Perfect did them this year too and she has a recipe on her post.

I got the idea for my savoury pinwheels from this post.  I thoroughly recommend Utterly Scrummy Food For Families. I get loads of ideas for easy meals here.  I recently made her pumpkin pasta bake too and may post about that later.

For my versions of the pinwheels, I made one with pesto, olives and parmesan and one with a tomato pasta sauce, sundried tomatoes and cheddar.  They were very easy to assemble and made a lovely little party dish.

So, off to another Halloween party today and it's not even Halloween yet.  We like to stretch celebrations over several days.  Hope the ghosties don't get any of you tomorrow night.


  1. Wow I love the meringue ghosts so simple but so effective and a little but scary too!

  2. sounds like a great party and your monsters are adorably scary

  3. Love the monster costume! Sounds like a fantastic party :o)

  4. Those meringue ghosts are fantastic - somehow they are nice and friendly looking!!

    Very scarey monster in your house!!!

  5. This is exactly what I want to do when I'm a parent. What a great idea, Party looks great and I love the ghosts. What lucky children x

  6. What a lovely looking spread of scary treats! It sounds like you've had a wonderful party, and your monster is adorably scary! (I'm very impressed with the face painting - the best my mum ran to was black whiskers for a cat!)

  7. Garden - I wouldn't have said the ghosts were scary but after reading your comment and looking again, that one in the close up does look a little hacked off!

    Kim - Thanks - they wore the same costumes to another party today and I have to say my second attempt at face painting did show a little improvement. It's not easy, though getting the blighters to stay still!

    Ruth - yes, it was a lovely party. The costumes I was in the process of making - they were supposed to be hairy monsters and I had intended to sew the strips on to the arms and legs as well but I got rather fed up of it and also ran out of time.

    BVG - Two scary monsters and a lot of people think Bob-the-dog is a scary monster too! But, it's okay - I can threaten to send them all to bed! :-)

    Cakefairyblog - Yip - this is the best bit of having children - getting to have fun parties - hee hee - almost makes up for the tantrums.

    C - Thank you C - my first attempt at the facepainting and I was copying an instruction book. The kids love getting their faces painted so I'll have to try something again another time. Even though they have had their bath this evening, we have been unable to get all the red out of their eyebrows. One more try tomorrow morning but they may have to go to nursery looking a bit strange!

  8. The meringue ghosts are fab. I don't know if I will ever be blessed with little ones of my own, but i hope to make some next year for my nephews and nieces.

  9. what a fantastic spread. Love the meringue ghosts!!

  10. I love Halloween parties. The pinwheels look scrumptious and the meringue ghosts fit the holiday to a T.

  11. All that food looks so yummy! And those meringue ghosts are so cute! Looks like you guys had a great time. :D

  12. Shaheen - they're quite effective, aren't they? I'm sure your nieces and nephews will love them.

    WLM - the meringue ghosts are popular. I think because they are so simple.

    FBMKW - Yes, the ghosts are cute rather than scary so perfect for the wee ones!

    Koci - we did have a great time - it is nice to have these fun celebrations dotted throughout the year.

    Anna - thank you. :-)

  13. The meringue ghosts are so cute! Promise, next year there will be meringue ghosts on my table at this time of the year!

  14. YUM and fun! I love those meringue ghosts--they make for a classy Halloween treat, and Halloween is fantastic, but it IS a rather hard holiday to make classy :D

  15. Everything looks amazing! I love your ghosts, so so sweet. X x