Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Autumn Day.

Well I say Autumn but it was positively wintry today.  It was 6 degrees and has dropped to 4 degrees now and we have had several hail/sleet showers.  Brrrr.  Good day for staying at home and having comfort food.

So, here is just a taste of what we have to eat in a day.
The boys and I started with granola then toast and jam and a few grapes.

We then decided to get on with painting some autumnal leaves (I stole the idea from Brandy - brandyscrafts).  I left them in their pyjamas as it is easier to just throw them in the washing afterwards instead of trying to keep their clothes clean.

After they had helped a bit with the cleaning up and we had left the leaves to dry, we shared a pomegranate for snack.

We then headed outside to play with our dog, Bob, for a while.  We got rain, sleet and hail while were out and I kept expecting the boys to ask to go back in but they were actually pretty stoic.  Hardy Aberdeenshire boys.

So, by the time we came in we needed a hot, comforting lunch.  Generally I don't really cook at lunchtimes - we just have really easy food eg sandwiches, toasties, soup.  Today, I had just the answer - baked tatties, beans and cheese.  Oooh these went down so well!

We had yoghurts afterwards then the boys went for naps.  While they sleep (usually about an hour) is my time for a cup of tea, some chocolate and a chance to get on the computer for a while.
When they woke, we had yogurt coated raisins for snack.

We then stuck the painted leaves to the windows.  The boys were very proud and couldn't wait to show Daddy when he got back from work.  Please excuse the various states of pyjamification.  Their clothes got soaked while we were out in the sleet so when we got back in, I just put them into jammies again.  I know, I'm a slovenly mother, but it's the holidays, and jammies days are good!

So, then I sent the kids to play with their toys and I got the tea made.
A really simple curry.  Cheating as I used a curry paste - just to use up the rest of the jar from the kedgeree the other night.  I fried some onion and garlic with the paste then added diced lamb.  I added a tin of tomatoes and some stock then put in a low oven for nearly 2 hours so that the lamb cooked slowly and became beautifully tender.

Just tangerines for the boys for puddies. And just for completeness, Bob got his usual kibble and some lamb's heart.  Lucky dog.

At bedtime I let the boys have some chocolate drops with their cocoa just because they had been pretty good through the day.

So, thanks for getting this far in my little - "a day in the life...".
It was a fairly heavy calorie day but the weather just made us feel the need for comfort food.

And, of course, important to remember to brush your teeth...

Goodnight. x


  1. Oh my goodness, your little guys are DARLING!!! Seriously, cute. And the leaves turned out great! Beautiful on the window. You said they weren't as pretty as mine, but I think they look more like REAL leaves and are perfect. Kaylee only wanted to paint with red, so many of ours are cherry red instead of more of a fall color :) Thanks for stopping by! I am having fun reading your blog and seeing what life is like in the UK!

  2. Ace dog! Love that he's bigger than the kids!

    I'm guessing like us it's less autumnal with you today and more like winter, I woke up to a snow covered Banchory this morning...

  3. Brandy - thanks. Yes, my two really wanted to just mix all the colours together so mostly we had a muddy brown - but I suppose that is realistic - especially around here. Anyway - thanks for the idea.

    Chris - yes we had a covering of snow here too. Definitely winter. Brrr. Should we start cooking winter food?

  4. What a beautiful doggie beast. The little fellas look just so tiny.

    Love the autumnal decorated windows.

  5. Your wee boys are JUST precious! What a fun day they must've had :) I've added you to my google reader; look forward to reading more!