Sunday, 10 October 2010

Little Kitchen.

Some lovely food again this weekend.
Steve has made more wholemeal bread.  Not as good looking this time but just as tasty.  He got up early on Saturday morning to bake it so we had it warm from the oven with melting butter with our morning coffee. Mmmmm.

Rufus and I had been to the library last week and I had managed to pick up a few new cook books to have a look at.  We used the first one today.  It is called Little Kitchen by Sabrina Parrini. It is Australian and looks like it was only published in 2009 so quite new.  It is a lovely book especially for cooking with children.  Laid out very well with photographs of a completed version of every single recipe as well as other fun or stylish photos. 
I see they have a website and sell baking equipment in Australia -  Little Kitchen

So, for lunch today, we decided to go for the Crunchy Chicken Fingers.  We had some Ruskoline in the cupboard so we used that instead of making our own breadcrumbs and we just served them with peas.

Adam did most of this himself and I was impressed at what a neat job he made of it.  He is getting really good at cracking eggs into a bowl and there was no shell in the egg at all.  I think I usually underestimate what a 3 year old can actually achieve.

Because it's the tattie holidays, Adam will not have pre-school for the next two weeks so this will give us more time to do loads of cooking and baking.  There are a few recipes in this book that we have our eye on - can't wait to get cracking!


  1. Love seeing the kids getting involved; will have to do the same with Mia.

  2. What an amazing little chef-in-waiting, he looks so proud! I was cooking with my stepson, age 9 at the time, and showed him how to crack and egg into the bowl and he cracked his onto the counter top. He wasn't being funny, just didn't quite twig the instructions...bless. Clearly the secret is to catch 'em young.

  3. Home made bread - I'm impressed.
    Good for you getting your son involved at an early age!

  4. Yes, it's great. Kills two birds with one stone - keeps the kids occupied while getting their tea ready or baking yummy cakes!
    Thanks for kind comments.

  5. The bread looks delicious and Adam is adorable! He's very well trained in the kitchen if he can already crack eggs - my brothers 18 and he still has trouble!

  6. Ha ha. You have outed him now - he'll have to make some effort!