Sunday, 3 October 2010

Chicken Burgers.

Just had some very simple chicken burgers for lunch today but they were lovely.
I followed the recipe in this book of children's recipes - a great book full of really easy recipes for kids to make.  The kids didn't actually help me with this today as they were busy playing with Daddy but I'm not too proud to steal quick, easy ideas from their book.

We have made these several times before but the thing that made them special today was that Steve had made the wholemeal rolls himself.

And, yes, it looks a bit skimpy on the chicken but do you know how much free range chicken costs these days?  £5 for two breasts.  So we make 2 breasts do the four of us.  Fish is really expensive just now too.  We got some beautiful tuna steaks yesterday but we were £10.80 for two.  They were big fat juicy ones and we made the two do the four of us no bother at all.  I think we're going to try keeping meat and fish to once or twice per week to keep the food bills down a bit.  In fact what I really need is some sort of shopping budget challenge as that tends to keep me more focussed if I think I am competing with myself.  Maybe I'll start with a target of £50 for the weekly food shopping, see if I can stick to that and, if so, try to reduce it a bit.  Actually if that includes all the household goods and dog food, it's probably a bit unrealistic.  Okay I'll go for £60 and see how it goes for two to three weeks then adjust if needed/possible.  I'd be interested to hear opinions on a budget for a family of four and a dog.
Of course, the big thing we need to do is stop eating out so much!  Well, we went out for tea tonight so I might do a restaurant review tomorrow but then after that, I'll try to rein it in.

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  1. That's lovely homemade burgers, especially with homemade buns. I agree that eating out is expensive. My family seldom eats out . Not only is it expensive but we can't get the authentic ones that we like, especially Malaysian food, here in Aberdeen. So I always cook. I must have saved a lot of money...haha. Hope you have a great day. MaryMoh at