Friday, 22 October 2010

Camera Cake.

Last year for Dad's birthday I made an ice climbing cake as that is one of his hobbies.  It was one of the first cakes I had done so it's not great and a little child-like.  Here's a photo - 

Another of his hobbies is amateur photography so this year I made a model of his camera for his cake.  It is not very professional as I have never been taught how to do it properly.  I would love to do an evening class at some point in cake decoration and learn how to get smooth lines and sharp edges.  Nevermind,  here is the process in photos anyway.


  1. They look great to me!!

    Well done, bet he was delighted.

  2. What do you mean they are not great. I think they are superb. Don't under sell yourself, you are a very talented woman.

    And if you are self taught, gosh I admire that even more. I have yet to attempt such a cake. I was going to do my own wedding cake, but I was persuaded otherwise.

  3. Awwwww, thanks - that's a very kind comment.

  4. Wow I love the camera cake! Am always tempted to make one for my camera loving hubby - if it was half as good as yours I'd be thrilled!

  5. Domestikated - check Google Images for loads of camera cakes - amazing and great ideas!