Monday, 18 October 2010

Eating Place Review 8 - Tearoom at Haddo House, Methlick, Aberdeenshire.

As you can see, I have renamed these posts Eating Place Reviews rather than Restaurant Reviews which just wasn't appropriate a lot of the time.  If I tried to subcategorise every place we ate at, it would drive me up the wall so I have settled for this.

Haddo House
AB41 7EQ
0844 493 2179

Haddo House is a National Trust Property with extensive grounds.  Today I went with Bob - the dog, the two boys and a family friend.  We walked Bob, fed the ducks, had a play at the playpark and then we went to the Tearoom for lunch (thanks to my family friend).

This is my favourite time of year at Haddo - the trees are beautiful in their Autumn colours and the boys love hunting for conkers.  I came home with my pockets bulging with them!

We come to Haddo fairly frequently as it is great for walking the dog and it costs me nothing to park all year round as we are NT members.

So, to the tearoom.  This is situated away from the main house a little bit in what I think were the old coach houses.  They have changed it recently to counter service rather than table service but the menu remains the same.  There were only a few tables available today as most of them were reserved for a coach tour.  People who came in after us were unable to get a table at all and were a little miffed.  Of course, the coach tours must give them a fair chunk of their income so I'm not sure what they could do about that.

The other slight problem with the tearoom is that the toilets are across the courtyard in another building.  Not a huge problem but today we had an anxious moment as when a 3 year old asks to go, you usually need to go pretty quickly.  Well, unfortunately, Adam wanted to go at the exact moment the coach load started to file into the place.  We stood there for five minutes before one member of the tour finally stood back and held the door open for us.  It's okay, though, we made it in time!

They have boxes for kids which include a bun with cheese, tuna or one other choice (sorry, brain not working), a carton of fruit juice, crisps and a yoghurt or an apple.  I think these cost about £4.  Because, I wasn't paying, I don't have the receipt to remind me.  Sorry.

Adults have a choice of soup, sandwiches, toasties and baked potatoes.  I had a gammon and mustard sandwich which was served with a lovely fresh salad, coleslaw and crisps.  And the sandwich certainly had plenty of gammon in it.  That cost somewhere between £4.50 and £5.

The best thing about the tearoom is the big selection of beautiful homebaking.  The boys and I shared a chocolate tiffin traybake thing but we were spoiled for choice.

Service was from very friendly waiting staff.

The opening hours vary with the seasons so it is worth checking the website before turning up. 

Lunches are good but what I would really recommend this tearoom for is a cup of tea and some fantastic homebaking after an Autumn walk around the lochan.

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