Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Even Little Rufie Helped Me.

We made an Apple Tea Cake from Little Kitchen yesterday and both boys helped me out with it.  We had the cake warm with vanilla ice-cream for pudding.  The cake underneath was a light buttery sponge, then there was a layer of meltingly soft apples, and this was topped with a crisp, cinnamon and sugar layer.  

Rufie putting in the baking powder. 

Joint effort to rub the butter into the flour.

Rufie whisking the eggs and milk while Lolly (Adam's blue and white dog) supervises.

Serious work.

Very comforting.
I think it was lighter than the Apple Cake with Brown Sugar Glaze we made a couple of weeks ago although for a treat I would prefer the one with the glaze.

Anyway, we had my Dad here today helping us out with some DIY so we made another of the cake with brown sugar glaze for him as he particularly liked it.
This time I made a much runnier glaze and didn't cook it for so long so it all soaked into the cake rather than sitting on top.  Dad said he preferred it this way.  I'm not so sure.  It made the cake really squidgy and fudgy.  It was very decadent but quite filling.  I wish I could make them both at the same time so I could compare directly.  I guess it's nice to have different ways of doing it so I can choose depending on my mood at the time of cooking!

Okay, so enough with all the apple cake!  That's the Pitmedden apples all finished now so we'll maybe try something different at the weekend.

For lunch today, we tried the Carrot and Courgette Slice from the Little Kitchen book too.  It was tasty but unfortunately I hadn't cooked it long enough and it was still a bit squidgy in the middle.  I'll try again, though as it was very tatsy and obviously full of good stuff.  Next time I'll fill the loaf tin less.  Here's how it looked from the outside but I didn't photograph the inside as it all just fell apart.  Watch this space for perfect looking slices next time (hopefully).


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